I go to you!

I go to you!

1048 years ago, 3iyulya 964 years, our stately parent-general Svyatoslav Horobre — destroyed the Khazar Khanate

Svyatoslav shadow wanders unsung …
N. Gnedich.

How to change the face of the Earth!
We just sing about the giants
Of those heroes that are gone,
Leaving her in the mounds of steel …
A. Arinushkina "Prediction"

It is, as a sign of dedication,
Aryan purity of the last printing.
He — the God of War, he — the specter of the unavenged,
We take a look at it and … not tear his eyes.
S. Yashin.

"A small country Macedonia has given the world the history of Alexander stateliness. The whole world knows the Roman Julius Caesar. But not many people outside of the Russian Federation knows warriors comparable with Alexander and Caesar as the ruler and the people excessively exceeding them — stately Prince of Kiev Svyatoslav Igorevich, nicknamed the Brave. Even enemies respectfully called "kingdom to the north of the Danube" and associated with the old hero Achilles. Everything — and aggressive pagan prince-monk-chroniclers, and direct his enemies Byzantines — willy nilly, or they say about the unusual, for selfish utter unselfishness of our times stately Duke, which extended to life itself.
In 962, Prince Svyatoslav the Brave, son of Igor's kind of the Sons of the Eagle, won his first victory. Thanks to her, our ancestors did not sell in Cordoba or Venice with a sign "Sklave" on his chest. Do not starved to death in the castle dungeons. We are not forced to have forgotten the name of his own people. He fighter — and chooses a more unsafe enemy, so unsafe that a war with them can be likened to a fight with a dragon, giant man-eating monster or another of the old legends. He is the prince — and sends a weapon against the deadly, an old foe Russia. He is a priest — and raises the blade on the embodied Fel, the earthly likeness besovni pitch of the world, revived an insult to the Nordic gods. On the Khazars kaganat. Power-vampire, half a century drank all the juice from the neighbors and tributaries, fell into one, 965 a year. Do not Don and Volga when it became the eastern borders of the Russian land. Svyatoslav led his campaign line under the age-old struggle between Russia and the Khazars under with 2 centuries Khazar iga.Chudo Yudo died, almost a thousand years of its accession receded. Dedication, the test was for the young Russ battle with a terrible Khanate. We were able to get through it. Thanks Svyatoslav. "

Mother bird wings thrashing Swa again!
Wicked Men Khazars wandering in the wilderness,
Through every crevice city gates
All louder roar enemy's do this!
Black smoke into the sky go home
It's a pity howls, condemning knock about.
Prior to their own gods, whom hid darkness
Woeful voice rushing doklikatsya …

I go to you!

Once upon a time the Khazars and Slavs lived more or less peacefully — as could the two barbarian tribe-neighbor premature Middle Ages. The Slavs settled fearlessly and abundantly generous black soils of the lower Don and Kuban. In the VIII century, during the war with the pagan still Khanate, the Arab commander Marwan, breaking into this area, stole a prisoner 20 thousand (!) Slavic families.
Nothing is indescribable that some Slavic Merrie, and then came along the Volga-povolniki Russes with the Viking Sea, joined the Khazar jigits in their campaigns against the Crimea or the Caucasus. Maybe about these times and remember the Russian epic about Knight Prince KAZARINOV, the Arab tradition of the 3 brothers — Slavs, Hazare and Ruse. The North kinglet Shahryar — I'm not the one to whom Scheherazade told tales? — Wrote to the Caliph, he fights with 2 "enemies of peace" — Russ and Khazars.
Everything changed after 730 years. Our record full of reports of military alliances with the Pechenegs, Torquay, Polovtsi Berendeev, (there was even a special word for steppe allies — "Kovu"), are silent about the unions with the Khazars. Silent Byzantines, who wrote a lot about the unions of the Slavs with the Huns and Avars. Silent chronicler of Christian and Muslim Caucasus creators.
Can such a long time to get down to the circumstances of alienation. Utter that Khanate, with his strong mercenary army, did not need the alliance with the Slavs. Utter, and will be wrong. In ancient India, with its unrivaled swords and war elephants, Maharaja readily used in wars squads "of forest peoples." Living in the jungle natives standing endlessly below the Slavs, and, in fact, has not yet emerged from the Stone Age. Stately Rome did not disdain to make allies and federates themselves Slavs, and the former at the same level of life and military affairs Germans.
It is possible — and some closer to the truth — to say that the Slavs long gone unnoticed implanted rahdonitami double standard Talmud. It does not just put in anything promise pagan "goy" but just had the duty to make a fool of him.
But in fact, everything was and is harder and easier at once. And it is best reads this epic "Ivan Godinovich."
Plot it simple. Big hero, hero of Kiev — in other embodiments, it is even nephew stately prince — longs to marry. And not on somebody, and Avdote-korolevichne, the daughter of the "King of Chernigov." Prudent prince tells the athlete take a squad, and generously offers 100 soldiers from themselves, and the same — from the squad Princess (remember the "small squad" Olga?). Hercules proudly refuses. In Chernihiv, he finds out that a Avdote wooed "tsarische Kosherische" — oh so familiar word has come up! Despite this, the hero still takes a wife "princess" and vorachivaetsya home. On the way to their attacks Kosherische. For the horse to be a hassle and fight on foot, in the end, a wrestling match. The incumbent is equal. Kosherische asks Avdotya assist him, saying that becoming a wife Godinovich, it will become "portomoynitsey" slave:

For Ivan have a reputation as a servant,
And for me to be — to be known as the queen so.

Very surprising — at first glance. After Ivan Godinovich — approximate or even a relative of the prince, his squad leader. And there is nothing unusual — if indeed Kosherische memory of kosher Lords of the Khazars. Recall the Ibn Fadlan:

"All the same, the people who live near them, according to the Khazars for their own slaves."

In the eyes of the Russian Kosherischa hero, Well, it myself prince — Slaves by birth.

Russian epics preserved the memory of the Khazar invasion:

From this out of the ground from a Jewish,
Drove Zhidovinov mighty warrior.
("Ilya Muromets and Zhidovinov")

From the east side was
The king was Jewish,
From his forces zhidovskoe
Cullen flew arrow.
("Fedor Tyryanin")

"The winds of evil on the east side" of the famous "That evening … not" blow one of those long since past centuries. A "kalena Arrow" — one of the signs of a declaration of war, such as spears, which hurled a small drevlyan Svyatoslav.
In the epics reflected win over Khanate
in the tenth century, the victory of Prophetic Oleg and Svyatoslav the Brave. But there was more. From "hardened boom" before the collapse of the Khazars took half a century.
One and a half century the Khazar tribute.
But survived another record, Radziwill. And it is written in it more. Is that necessarily understand the other chroniclers. So it seems like a monk in keleyke disbelief looks at the ancient lines, and forwards on my own — to that "snow-white VEVERITSA."
And it was written: "In a snow-white girl from the smoke."
And there, on a miniature, so that no one made a mistake, did not accept for the occasional slip of the pen — a gaggle of girls and elder, leaning to the arrogant hazarinom.
That's just very similar to what we know about kaganate. Remember — the Khazars rules clan slave traders. What was more natural for them such tributes — and profitable, and crushing the pride of tributaries, to accustom them to the omnipotence and his own envoys Kaganate lawlessness?
And now, pochetaemy reader, if you have not realized, or did not believe that the Khazars were in sight of the Slavic neighbors monsters, try to try on. Try to imagine what it is you're hearing the voice of the sheep-horn shofars, go to the gate — to let in his native village tax collectors. Go and guessing who they will lead. Sister? Daughter? Wife? Imagine how it is — to live year after year in anticipation of those terrible days. Imagine what it was like to look into the eyes of mothers of women who dropped out fierce lots. And what was to put pressure in the shower repulsive relief — today not increase your price! And to know that someday you zasharish by relatives of those desperate eyes — "Daughter same! Daughter …" — and the shadow of this uzreesh, nedodavlennogo relief. And what a woman's wail was in those days are over 3-Slavic lands …
Perpetrators of this would not have been human beings. Not a "distortion", not "bedding", not "epic fantasy". Chilling horror of the supreme truth, exposing the obscenity mutated, degenerate alien soul. The soul, makes a lot of its owners ghoulish and scarier than the snake scales and fire-breathing head. "Swoop miracle Yudo Kogan's seeking for lunch redder Woman" …

That is why it is important to remember what a victory over the serpent Khazars won our majestic ancestor Svyatoslav Horobre.

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