ICE «bomb»

In the town of York (PA) in October 2008, 66-year-old Mary Ann Foster received minor head injuries as a result of the fact that her house from the sky fell a hefty chunk of ice!

Ice "bomb" fell to the ground before the invention of airplanes

"The woman was sleeping in her bed when the block of ice, breaking through the roof and leaving the aperture diameter of 24 inches, fell right into the bedroom. Mary Ann was in the forehead of one of the fragments. However, she is happy that all survived. I believe I was very lucky — told reporters gathered Mary Ann. — Apparently, my time has not come yet. '"

Placing "instrument of crime" in the freezer, police contacted the Federal Aviation Service and the local university. Now experts of these institutions conduct a joint investigation into the causes of a fall from a clear sky ice "bomb."

A month earlier, in mid-September, like "bomb" on a hot sunny day, fell from the sky in Italy, hit right on the hood of a parked car. Located adjacent terrified motorist was injured by a miracle, and the car had to be sent in for repair. As it turned out, a piece of ice weighed 10 pounds!

A similar incident occurred in January 2007 in Tampa (Florida). Here on the roof of the car crashed half-meter block of ice, startling a passing citizen.

In the fall of ice at the car crumpled roof and blew out the rear window. The Federal Aviation Administration examined the flight schedule and found out that on the day of the accident, frozen wastes of the city not drop any of the planes. A National Weather Service said the weather conditions were not conducive to the formation in the atmosphere of large chunks of ice.

Indeed, the clear blue sky above our heads is not so safe as it seems. Sometimes with a heavy object falling, threatening not only the death of people in the world, but also for non-scientists around the world the secret that they can not give a clear explanation.

To try to find a solution falling from the sky blocks of ice, expert Ronald Willis interviewed a number of university scholars.

Representative of the Institute Drekela said about this expert: "I declare with certainty that these blocks of ice can not be meteorological origin."

"Professor René from the Laboratory of Atmospheric and Space Research of the University of Colorado said:" The meteorological theory icefalls no good reason. I can almost certainly say that science now known atmospheric processes can not create or maintain in the air, such a mass of ice. '"

And while scientists have speculated about a strange phenomenon, in March 2007, appeared in the international media another eye opener.

Residents of the Palestinian village of Deir Balut just getting ready for the evening prayer, when "the sky with whistling and crackling extraordinary fallen strange body about the size of one square meter," which on closer inspection turned out to 35-pound chunk of ice.

"According to the Palestinian news agency Maan," at the time of the fall of the sky, as always in such cases, it was clear and cloudless. Journalists speculated that ice could fall from the supersonic aircraft, however An investigation revealed that neither conventional nor supersonic aircraft in the that place and at that time was not. "

Moreover, modern aircraft use electrical heating system, so that the ice melts as education. Consequently, there is nothing to fall. The military aircraft as though no defrosting devices, their high speed and design make it unlikely a significant formation of ice on the hull.

Against the argument that the ice is somehow separated from flying at high altitude aircraft, is the fact that this phenomenon has been documented in many parts of the world long before the invention of flying objects.

Three months later, after the Palestinian's ice blocks buried Dubuque American town, located in northeast Iowa. The biggest "bomb" weighed 22 kilograms. And this heavy "gift of heaven" fell to 78-year-old house, Jan Kenkel, after breaking the roof and the ceiling of the living room. The woman seemed to be in her house something exploded.

A few blocks from home Kenkel woke up one more freezing rain. Here, the ice broke trees and ruined lawns.

Death from the heavenly stranger

According to statistics, as a result of the bombing there were icy and human victims. January 10, 1950 in Düsseldorf ice spear thickness of 15 cm and a length of 182 cm spot battled carpenter, repair the roof of his house.

According to this incredible case was investigated, in which the experts concluded that the culprit of the tragedy is perhaps the plane flying over the city. In the 50 years of the last century, most of them had a propeller engines exposed to icing. When the de-icing system block of ice could presumably fall off from skin and fall to the ground.

In August 1990, of the "heavenly visitor" hit Englishman Stephen Pakering. Being with friends in Lac de St. Cas in the south of France, he was the victim of a piece of ice the size of a child's ball that hit the man in the head. Pakering partially blind, but was still thankful because it could have ended worse.

Canadian resident Pamela Stroggins ice bombs did not cause any injuries, though she begins to shake only one mention of them. The fact is that on the roof of her house in a private residential area of Ottawa they fell with alarming regularity every year from 2004 to 2006. The structure of the female only narrowly survived this massive bombardment.

Scroggins house is not far from the Ottawa International Airport and fly over it every day for more than 50 aircraft. Mistress of the house suggests that the ice falls from them.

"However, her neighbors say that with anything like this ever happened. I do not know, whether the air above us the way, but so far nothing we did not bother — says Kathleen Watkinson. — At Scroggins as this happened three years in a row, and this does lead us into confusion. ""

Experts put forward the theory that the falling blocks of ice on the ground — is space aliens. The fact that the Earth is constantly bombarded by icy comets, containing dozens of tons of water and cosmic dust. Based on satellite data, these boulders flying into our atmosphere at a frequency of 5 to 20 times a minute. Their size is often closer to the size of a suburban country house.

But this version has its flaws. Already at a height of 10-15 thousand kilometers flying at high speed icebergs heat and evaporate. Those that do not evaporate, should be recorded radar. But nothing like that happens.

And then, no examination has not confirmed the cosmic origin of ice blocks.

April 2, 1996 in the history of the "ice-falls," an event truly memorable. A large block of ice, weighing about two pounds, fell almost next to Dr. Richard Griffiths, who was on the outskirts of Manchester.

Being a meteorologist, Griffiths became the first scientist who saw firsthand the fallen from the sky "a miracle of nature." Not to lose, he took the biggest chunk of ice from a house and put it in the freezer. This exhibit has been studied in the laboratory of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology.

It was clarified that a piece of ice consists of fifty one crystal, separated by a thin air bubbles. It was not like we know the structure of ice and its chemical analysis. Therefore, the version of the plane and frozen water on its fuselage disappeared itself.

Meteorologists have suggested that ice may have formed some way out of the clouds, but in the laboratory confirmation of this can not be found, despite various attempts to reproduce anything like that, anything remotely resembling a specific crystalline structure of a strange piece of ice.

In the end, Dr. Griffiths and his colleagues were forced to abandon any hope of solving the riddle.

This is just the beginning!

Also in 1996 a huge block of ice of unknown origin had fallen from the sky on the 82nd square Malbagushskogo Aznakaevsk forestry forestry, in the east of Tartary. Area frozen piece off-white was about 700 square meters. m, volume — more than 500 cubes! Studying ice Glybin weighing about 300 tons by scientists at Kazan University.

The exact date of the accident has not been established. Officially acknowledged only that "the fall weighty subject of about 25 square meters x27" comes at the beginning of November, just 300 meters from residential and industrial buildings Shaydullina farmer, leased under the city Aznakaevo land.

Ice Block destroyed around 30 adult pines and birch trees, tore the crown from the other trees, as Shajdullin did not fail to report to the police and the local inspection on nature protection.

Law enforcement officers immediately cordoned off the "scene", and inspectors with instruments installed non-hazardous background gamma radiation and elevated to the heavenly ice chromium oxide and iron.

The Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Tatarstan reporters on this occasion said: "This is just a rare atmospheric phenomenon. Mass of water was raised from open water a powerful tornado in the upper atmosphere and there frozen. The analysis showed that the ice — fresh. "

But where did the fall in the middle of the center of the Eurasian continent, tornado, able to lift into the sky about 300 tons of water?

Spanish Professor Martinez Frias with colleagues from the center of Madrid astrobiological studies the cases fall megakriometeoritov — so called pieces of ice, reaching 10 or more pounds of weight — for several years.

During this time, scientists have recorded many facts falling ice "bombs" around the world, including even in the heat of Africa. Thus, in July 2006 in a very sunny day in Duglasdeyle, a suburb of Johannesburg (South Africa), the sky fell to the pavement, leaving an impressive dent in the asphalt, a giant ball of ice weighing more than 200 kg.

Witnesses were guards nearby shop: rare to see snow in the country, they decided that the ball is a gift from God.

"At first we thought it was an object dropped from the white plastic" — witnesses said the accident. But then one of the store employees, who in childhood had been to England and saw the snow, told colleagues that it is. "

"Martinez Frias said that the fall of mega-cryoMeteor in South Africa due to anthropogenic changes in the atmosphere and is a sign of serious environmental problems." In his view, the increased incidence of ice chunks do not promise people no good. I worry not because the piece of ice may fall on your head. My concern is that the large blocks of ice formed where they should not exist, "- said Spanish professor."

"My colleague, Dr. David Martinez Frias Travis of the University of Wisconsin, believes that if the formation of ice balls from the sky due to global warming, the recorded incidents — this is only the beginning." The threat of universal loss of ice "bombs". "

To blame the aliens?

Over the past eight years have recorded about 50 such falls. January 27, 2006, for example, the inhabitants of the Salesian convent in Lakuile (Italy) heard a suspicious noise and saw in his courtyard big ice block. She could not fall off the roof, so the monks decided to call the police. But had come to call the police to name the origin of ice and could not.

In Surrey, British piece of ice left a crater about half a meter in diameter, fell in the park in front of a group of committed runners jog.

"Initially, the experts suggested that the blocks of ice are man-made, but the isotopic analysis of megas-cryoMeteor debunked this theory. Ice is absolutely colorless, has no odor and does not contain any specific microorganisms. As a result of scientific analysis in Italy, the chemical composition of heavenly ice pieces found as that ice is actually a frozen 100% distilled water with no traces of ammonium salts and nitrates. '"

Professor Martinez Frias argues that the formation of strange ice blocks is at a height of about 9 km and can occur even when a completely clear weather. The fact that climate change is disruptive to the circulation of air layers, some of them are heated more and others less. This allows the "nucleus" of hail longer hang in the air. And then, having reached a certain critical mass, they fall, accumulating new layers of moisture.

However, the version of the Spanish explorer is perceived in the academic world is ambiguous: some experts believe that the formation of large ice bodies in the absence of significant size clouds impossible. For example, Professor Fernando Lopez of Madrid University believes that such large blocks can not be formed in the stratosphere, where too little moisture.

In addition, the science known today atmospheric processes can not create or maintain in the air, such a mass of ice.

Increased attention has attracted a mysterious ice-fall, which occurred in March 2001 in Australia. As reported LAAP, in a suburb of Sydney, a huge chunk of ice struck the roof of the house in which she lived a lonely 63-year-old woman. Lump "the size of a container of ice cream," landed in the bathroom.

Hearing the roar of incredible strength, she went to see what was happening, and saw lying around on the bathroom floor pieces of ice. The ceiling and roof penetrating the huge gaping hole. Police Inspector Paul Hulme, who investigated the incident, said that the floe clearly fell from a great height. However, no aircraft at the time in the air was not.

There were, as noted by local ufologists only UFO! And quite a lot! For example, the newspaper «Border Watch Newspaper» Numerous eyewitnesses reported unidentified flying objects around the south-east coast of Australia, it was there, where the Sydney floe and destroyed the house.

All this allowed ufologists claim that icebergs serve as proof of the reality of existence of UFOs! The fact that the Earth's gravity on the "plate" is not valid. They can log into the atmosphere from space slowly, warming up from air friction. And as the body temperature UFO that came from outer space into the Earth's atmosphere, the temperature must match its environment (minus two hundred seventy-three degrees Celsius), then the walls of the vessel immediately begin to water vapor freezes.

Naturally, the alien ships, as well as on our aircraft, must be present to drop the anti-icing system to trim the growing crust of ice. Here aliens and include them, dropping so icy ballast on the heads of humans.

Clearly, this is only a hypothesis, and just answer the question: how arrive to us strange icy "guests", no one can not answer. Scientists operate only versions, frankly admitting that they have no exact explanation for this phenomenon.

Gennady Fedotov

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