Identification of the hand: the personalization of firearms

Most recently in the media entered information on customization of firearms, in other words, an instrument endowed with the ability to think, who shoots out of it, the owner or a stranger, well, respectively, to make a decision — either shoot an arrow away. Virtually all of the information on this topic is written in the key of "that's what we're good," but well done it? It remains a lot of questions like do we need such a system, as it will secure the exact features will do and most importantly, how much will it cost? Would not this be another step toward that holders of the same shotgun, which was reached by his grandfather, have a voluntary-compulsory to equip his gun, dust in the vault for many years, not cheap enough detection system owner? In fact, on the subject and try to lay out my thoughts in this article.

Identification of the hand: the personalization of firearmsFirst, before you begin any specific discussions where and to whom such a system is needed, it is necessary to understand its implementation. Immediately it is clear that a similar system monitoring tools will be electric, and this in turn places a lot of restrictions on its use. In general it must be said that many are skeptical to the electronics in a firearm, and although it is understood that the specific implementation of the electronics will be followed by a step in the development of "firearms", many believe that such an instrument would be the least reliable. Basically, something similar was happening at the time is not far when the guns began to push guns from the army and police protection. Just far not much was clear the mechanism of the new instruments, and of the difficulties with the reliability it has been tough, but now no one even thinks about what to put in the police or the army on Wednesday pistol, as well, where they stayed it faster tribute stories, if a real preference for weapons, but it is somewhat different topic. Basically, people skeptical about electronics in weapons, can be realized. Electronics prone not only to water, which is at the least number of different substances dissolved in it, is a good conductor, in other words, can damage electronic devices if swallowed, and the effects of environmental temperature. More precisely, the problem is not present in the electronics, and power elements, which will naturally chemical, as is clear from chemistry, the reaction rate depends specifically on the temperature. A striking example that confirms this dilemma, are traumatic pistols chambered 18h45, for example, from the family of pistols tubeless "Cordon", which are powered by a battery, and therefore at low temperatures may be denied. In general, tools for self-defense, which is typically located in proximity to the body of a particular hand is not so important, but for a service gun, which will be worn at the lowest temperatures in the holster, not to mention the rifles and machine guns, it can become quite severe discrepancies . In other words, to begin to make a power supply that would have been pretty reliable regardless of the ambient temperature, shaking and rest. Obviously, such power sources are, but that's the cost to them, to put it mildly, bites, especially when you consider the full implementation of such devices on all tool.

Identification of the hand: the personalization of firearmsSecond discrepancy is that in spite of "nanotechnology" electrical device control tools will be relatively dimensional, and there is the problem of putting it on the gun. Suppose machine or a machine gun, well, sub-machine guns individual structures may allow for the accommodation such devices "on board", but the guns, particularly compact, the same PSM, for example, can not brag that of freedom. Of course, with the development of modern technology, all you can collect on the card the size of a little finger nail on the foot, but the same power supply can not be really small device. We should not forget that the instrument should be some way to determine the owner of his own, while they say only about biometrics, in other words, the same gun has to find room somewhere fingerprint reader at least. In general, and here all the same again rests on the question of money. In addition, you must keep in mind that a similar device shall be so designed that it was likely to set the standards for today's tools, because to create new, the design of which is already incorporated a similar thing will stray arhizatratnym. Here in the Interior Ministry on AKS-74U submachine guns can not change for more than 10 years, which even then read about such a jump in weapons. About the Army pointedly silent. So Makar, emerges a number of problems for the introduction of such structures in today's gun, because being located outside of the gun, a similar device simply increment its size, will make the least comfortable in the appeal, but so great chance to destroy completely affordable addition to the weapon in use.

Identification of the hand: the personalization of firearmsNow try to see the embodiments of the definition of the owner of the gun. This is where the fun begins the main, because of all imaginable and unimaginable options, only one is working and more than or less suitable for mass deployment. But in fairness take a few: swiping your finger, one of the most real and the fantastic: the scanning person shooter and a retinal scan. In fact, and swiping your finger is quite complex in firearms, such as setting the element presupposes that all the shooters hands of similar size, and a similar grip, which, in principle, it should be, but that should not be. The only option the introduction of the fingerprint scanner is not installed as a safety device. In other words, before the introduction of guns to unlock quite a time to make frisky scan, that the same gun was available for use. Such a system is in my opinion the only one that is likely in this case. A constant scan fingerprint hand is simply not possible at least for the above reasons, well, with the technological side device would constantly consume energy, which is not entirely comfortable in the case of the larger one will claim the power supply, which will be larger.

Identification of the hand: the personalization of firearmsScanning person shooter or a magnificent option — a retinal scan is fully applicable only in the case of a single scan immediately before use. It would be more logical devices such placement on the rear side casing, the gate of the pistol when read because in that case the procedure of determining the hand can be at sight, in other words, when the device will be opposite the face or eyes tool holder. But here at once several underwater stones. The first is that the shoo
ter will have to keep the gun and head motionless for a while, in addition, virtually eliminated the use of guns in case of sudden danger, because in-1's, the fire "without thinking" will not work, and second, the speed of a shot and the speed with the definition of the arrow is very very different and obviously not in favor of introducing a recognition device. Another negative point is that recognizing such a device of his own design are optical elements. Because, as was explained above, they are more logical location would cover-optical shutter these items will be constantly exposed to vibration during shooting, which asks them to make resistant to such stress. Well, on the condition that it would seek the huge costs that such a system can also be considered unacceptable. So both options will leave for Cinématographe, in view of the fact that just is not practical to use them in real life, although in rare cases it may be justified.

Identification of the hand: the personalization of firearmsSo Makarov, it is clear that the only option for the introduction of such a system is a single scan of a finger pointer to the use of guns, and not remain the only one has a gun or other standard firearms in their hands. Accordingly, the question arises as to why then such a system in general. If it is created in order to prevent snatching guns from the owner and the introduction of a gun or something else against the owner, here the system is virtually worthless, because after unlocking weapons become not care who shoots out of it. On case If such a system is to assign functions of your device against theft protection tools, there is also everything looks rosy not the way. The fact that a lock striker or hammer or other parts of the trigger mechanism in the event of application of such devices would be a small electromagnet which regardless of whether the locking is enabled or disabled system will move an element that will trigger lock. So here's a case of embezzlement of guns no one will disturb the villain simply delete the locking element of the design tools and use them to bypass the system determine the shooter. A striking confirmation of this different security locks that are inserted into the design of their own guns, different manufacturers, such lock can protect the instrument most from the kids, in the case of if somehow the same gun fell into their hands, in all other cases, such a castle or simply breaks down, if it challenging, or just opens a nail. So it goes, what's the use of such devices "like a goat's milk."

Identification of the hand: the personalization of firearmsBut all this is only identify the arrow, in addition to various interviews referred to as a device similar to a "black box" of the aircraft, which should record all the manipulations that are carried out with the gun. Suppose the system is fully implements can enter a device that will do the role of a typical counter will count and record how many shots and at what time produced. The most logical option would be that of the device to connect specifically to the trigger or gate housing. But there will be several problems at once. The first of which is consideration of "castration" tools, such as when the trigger in place and has been given, but the shot was not. The second is that it is simple such devices, which are not due to the huge amount of work to turn it off and shoot as much as you wish, and if the proceedings do not understanding how the eye and provide documented proof data that will justify the complete innocence of the owner of guns to any- either incident. About various fillings can not remember when bolshennom desired they can be removed and replaced without the help of others, are also more accurate homemade obtained in comparison with the factory. So it turns out that the simple designs are not suitable for this sensor is needed, which will respond to the impact gun from firing, but then a strong possibility that the holder of traveling a particularly brisk shuttle bus, but on the Russian roads to shoot on the views of electronics thousands of rounds of ammunition. It remains another option — the gauge fixing the pressure in the barrel, but that's how much it will cost and how reliable is a Russian "quality" ammunition? I think that this question does not ask for an answer and everything is clear without unnecessary words. In general, if a similar system will be implemented, it will only respond to the motion of a part of the firing mechanism, and it means not only will not help during the opening of criminal cases with the use of service weapons, and on the contrary, will help meet guilty, if he is to take care in advance, so clever electronics did not record a shot. Similarly, a civilian weapon. Option with photocells at the muzzle is not even considered, in the end, they can advance and soot in which case say that forgot to clean the gun or simply from long wearing the dusty streets of the unit is dirty. Well, because it will be blackened in advance, it will not fix the shot, in general, the options are still very many, but in fact they all require that you make configurations in the design of instruments and means will be very, very expensive for widespread implementation, much less that 3 a piece of iron in the form of mounting brackets for AK74 cost almost 60 bucks for a set, how much will it cost if such a device made for the country's government?

I will allow myself to digress and affect adjacent. For some reason earlier in order to set out what the gun shot lacked even a sleeve and it worked without a hitch, and now require some technology from the world of fiction to justify that this particular gun a certain time at a certain shot. The question arises, what is it all about? In addition, the findings ballistic tests will be "a relic of the past" and will not have the weight without corresponding data in the "black box" of the gun? The obvious benefits of such device I, for one, do not see, I only see an option to disable it from the gun, and she, in any case, there will be a tool to use at its discretion, saying with all this "it's not me, that's the data on my gun this is not. " Because really the only thing that makes this system — is the ability to use a serviceable tool for their own personal use only cartridges razdobud, yes sleeve later collect and the data is not present on the gun means you do not even suspect. In general, I do not see any utility completely, only one injury. And it does not touch the subject, as such, reflect the presence of the device on the properties of the gun on its reliability and so on, because the only sensible option would be the introduction of its installation inside the gun, and that means some places and saw through the frame, that fits, etc. .

Identification of the hand: the personalization of firearmsBut I strayed from the main topic. In addition to accounting shots and recording time, as they say on account of assembly disa
ssembly of weapons, ammunition, etc. emptying store. And again the same question as everyone is going to bring? With the switches that will fail during operation, sticky, oxidized, etc.? Just really no other options. In addition, how to keep track of rounds of ammunition, which were equipped with the store, because the store is separated from the gun, though, and the problem is solved, if the store will be connected to a separate device, which at the time of its accession to the weapon will be synchronized with the main. And in this case will also be a separate power source for it.

Now let's imagine that in itself will be of the whole thing, if it is implemented at least on the basis of a pistol. The fingerprint reader does not immediately use the tool in case of danger of life, it also will not work if your hands are protected by gloves hand. The gun will have two sources of power for the individual control devices tool — one in the gun, the other in the store. There will be a need for constant monitoring, that these power supplies are not losing their own charge, in other words, carries around a charger and looking for an outlet. The gun itself will have several switches, which are in contact with water just will not work and electronics will remove invalid entries, so do not forget about wires, which must also be placed here and there, as something connected to this whole thing. As a result, we obtain a weapon capable of shooting in the greenhouse criteria that 100-200 grams heavier weapon without all this distortion, which is not able to protect the life of the holder in case of need. And we need it?

Identification of the hand: the personalization of firearmsWell, it would be logical to see how this whole system is applicable in various areas of implementation tools, to start, for sure, is a civilian guns as closer to the majority. So, imagine happened prescription voluntary-compulsory installation on guns and rifles of similar devices and even the devices are installed without changes in the design of the gun. Of course, that's a free country, do not want to not install, as well as the alarm set is not necessarily in possession of guns, I think sarcasm is clear. Immediately clear that want to buy the same gun will be much less, well, many posdayut weapon, if the district is not very good people, and the gun itself is not necessary and just gather dust. In other words, kill 2-birds at once: to disarm the population and chop the coin for the purchase and installation of new priblud. After all, it is obvious now that the installation will create the only certified "experts." In addition, even the same precinct will not appear life raspberries, because if the previous test was all "came, looked, left", in other words, you can not come, if lazy, but just to make a mark in the documents that "All Quiet in Baghdad," now, apparently, will be obliged to drag at least a netbook to read the data from the instrument. Although here and plus, people will be able to play backgammon in working time or patience to decompose. In addition, there is hope that the "experts" during the installation of such devices to avoid destroying the gun itself, and in fact a lot of people really fascinating items that can be considered a historical value, but are registered as a civilian. In general, if a carousing, and will be, excessive love of power will add even more, at least among those who have a weapon, and there are already over which loaf.

Identification of the hand: the personalization of firearmsFurther military. Here indeed from that innovation is only one injury. A tool in the hands of people constantly really, but that's what it personalized so do not understand. Apparently, in case there is really need to use this tool, you have the ability to not take a gun wounded or dead comrade, when your on a reason not to. Overall, totally no redeeming not. Even if we consider the cases where the weapon used against their own colleagues or when the soldier deserted from the instrument, then hands him his gun was specifically, in other words, it is in any case they will be able to use it. I'm not talking about how to carry out the shooting, so the army of this will really only one injury.

To police this innovation will mean that the villain will get a head start in time, and to know that before the shot he has a few seconds for it to fire first, let him or just go until the police officer trying to unstick stuck in the cold finger on the fingerprint scanner fingers, and put a brick in the head. It is not talking about weight gain and the fact that in the case of an external implementation of this outrage is rapidly removed gun from the holster is not the most common. Oh, that's really better to wear while in the holster cucumber, you can eat them at least on the face of greater utility.

Identification of the hand: the personalization of firearmsIn general, despite all the praise of many nods of persons occupying the highest positions, and even ecstasy some of them, I am personally against such devices in weapons. After all, if I need to tighten control over the instrument including the office, the need to begin with, so clean the frames of those who at least can be expected to use it unlawfully or for any personal reasons. More precisely clean shots from those who can cover the whole thing, pull on the brakes and so on. A similar system in general I do not consider as a means of controlling the instrument as a means of covering up traces of the implementation of this instrument. Well impossible to make a device that can not be fooled or temporarily disable and re-record the data on it. It can not ensure the safety of such common and undemanding devices like DVD disc, let alone when we talk about these in more complex media, disk imaging, and in fact there is not only possible to scratch or something else, there is a lot of variants: static stress, various viruses written malicious "hackers" who want to undermine the foundations of society, and so on. In general, we have, it appears the system, for what will be deducted from our taxes is quite a huge amount, but in the end it will work right back to what is intended, so it seems that we have not we, and us. It only remains to impose that all this information about similar systems in the weapon will be just another farce in the style of "what we're good," and not the prospect of the coming of "development" of firearms. Naturally, the development is very exciting, let people work on it in the name CRIRE Berg and on, all in the household need, in the latter case, it is possible and implement such a development, if another really useful introduction to it will not be, let the other pomuchayutsya with such an instrument.

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