If we just have not for that, then there's something to pass the exchanger

Currency on the open market in Belarus is still there. The activities of interbank exchange because of unfavorable terms of trade paralyzed. Against the background of the unresolved issue of billion-dollar loan from the EurAsEC anti-crisis fund prospect of stabilizing the foreign exchange market remains uncertain.

During a government meeting on Friday, Alexander Lukashenko said that he forbade it to the National Bank to sell the currency for exchange. According to him, if the commercial banks want to engage in foreign exchange transactions, let alone looking for such an opportunity, and spend foreign exchange reserves of the state will not allow it. People with bank queues believe that such confessions are unlikely to contribute stability:

"The situation is unhealthy, no money: people pass, and then immediately bought up. In fact, there is no currency in exchange. No … ".

Reporter: "Hope for the devaluation showed up in vain? '.

"Yes, but it is a question for economists in government. Everything in the hands of the authorities. Are we in some way can influence this situation? '.

Reporter: "What the government should do to make money come from? '.

Find, currency, so that people do not suffer, not humiliated, standing in queues

"Find the currency and give it to the newsstands. Decision the easiest. Search for it to be here, so that people do not suffer, not humiliated, standing in queues."

"And the banks have the same currency. Because if you go on the conversion, there they have bags of money just lying. Exchangers But they do not give, sell only what someone has passed. Who will now take? If we just have not for that, then something pass. Without that, on the contrary, everything is just being bought. I can say that the authorities no longer believe … ".

Meanwhile, the official exchange rate of the ruble to the dollar close to the mark in 5000: May 31, National Bank dollar appreciated in 4977 rubles. The fall — just 45 rubles. This means that devaluation process continued in the country. On the black market for $ give an average of 6,000 rubles.

Alexander Lukashenko made it clear that it will not sell state assets in return for loans. June 4 representatives of the countries of the Eurasian Economic Community to decide whether Minsk will receive the first tranche of the loan — a billion dollars out of a planned $ 3 billion. Lukashenko, who had previously put the figure at 6-7.5 billion, called unfavorable credit conditions, saying that we should rely on their own strength. Skepticism support and independent experts: Billion current situation will not save, but with a populist spectacle authorities even more profitable to Russia refused a loan.

Meanwhile, one of the union leaders of Belarus Alexander Buhvostov believes that further isolation of the country's economy and attempt to freeze the assets of the largest companies will not improve the situation:

Alexander Buhvostov

"In any case, the involvement of Belarus in the free market, a free market — and it all leads to the democratization of political life too. Though there are other examples, but for us it would only benefit. However, if still the same MAZ, for example, not with KAMAZ united and began working on other multinationals such as "Volvo", or, as they used to say, "Iveco", it would be even more effective. Such a possibility is there, and the joint venture "MAZ-MAN" which manufactures tractors, — once proof of that. But we are all under the control of our oligarchs, so without it there will not sunessya. "

Doctor of Economic Sciences Vladimir Kulazhenko also agree that the authorities' reluctance to engage in the reform of the administrative-command economy system only multiplies the problem. But to earn currency, producing a non-competitive goods, you can not:

The command economy is nowhere in the world did not pay off

"The current state of the economic situation in our country is directly linked with the major bugs in the economy, in economic regulation in the management of that were made 5-10 years ago. The fact is that the command economy is nowhere in the world did not pay off. And our command economy was not an exception. Instead of huge amounts of money that are thrown carelessly in the loss-making industry, to guide the development of production, an update on the process of innovation, that would solve the destiny of our country for the future — all went to social padmazvanne. In fact — the social deception of the people. That's why now we have what we have. "

Meanwhile, the rating agency "Standard & Poor's" and separately placed Belarus capital, Minsk list "CreditWatch" — rating with a negative outlook. In a press release reported: an institutional system that operate Belarusian regional and local authorities, vysokatsentralizavanaya and unpredictable, which adversely affects the flexibility of fiscal policy.

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