Igor Boyko. Illness

Igor Boyko.  Illness

What is the power of "Pussy Riot"

For some reason no one or no one actually tried to look at the matter "Pussy Riot" from a position of strength ratings of our society in the face of the postmodern challenge. After all it is, if you tilt toward skillfully whipping up emotions, gave us some visible evidence of important social phenomena. Since then, it can be argued entirely clear: the modern Russian society very vulnerable to the pressure of post-modernism. It has weakened immunity against it.

Unbridled dancing on the altar of the Temple of Christ the Redeemer just kind of looked at skomoroshnymi rite or, more so, the youth protest against the hypocrisy and servility hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church. In reality, the activists were brutal and the most politicized art collective completely naturally tested our society resistance to this kind of attack. And it must be recognized, the test is generally filled up.

Antics, scorning the appeal of everything in the ugly farce — one of the favorite and, I must say, the existing methods of the cultural war that leads to the fanatical intransigence against the Russian culture (yes, in general, and at least some European) kulturorazrushayuschy postmodern. Letting him move in, he fully expects a response from the person who previously elected to the role of victim. Obviously, the reaction is expected to advance predictable, inefficient, bordering on helplessness, as the postmodern can allow themselves to swagger just over society sick and flabby, not having within itself a strong spiritual support. The fact that the organizers have received in response to provocations from the Russian public, fit into the script written by them at 100. After all, as the defenders of "Pussy Riot", and their opponents in the vast majority fall into a state similar to psychosis, in almost all lost the ability to take the right event. Bringing the community into a state of mass insanity — it is in fact, is the main purpose of postmodern project.

Frankly, with a mixture of looking sensational movie Arkady Mamontov on NTV. Despite the highest passions and sensual controversy adekvatnomyslyaschih people in the studio was negligibly small number. In discussing the "agent provocateur-3" speech was part of anything — of attorneys and PR-strokes komplote dark forces, the producer of the self-proclaimed "pusek" Peter Verzilove and machinations of Western intelligence agencies, faith and blasphemy, about vice and virtue — but no, except, perhaps, Alexander Prohanova, virtually not a word about the main caveat. The fact that the blow of his hands "Pussy Riot" — is accurate, calculating hit postmodern aimed at outright desacralization of our cultural and civilizational core, for more great demoralization of the Russian people. Trying to protect yourself from it by instituting criminal proceedings or tightening of legislation — dullness caused by the obvious lack of understanding of the essence of the process, which were the epitome of flamboyant performances of "Pussy Riot". Postmodern does not speak to us in the language of materialism or the usual logic means penetrate at least some legal document issued by the state. He, though in a very distorted form, refers specifically to the spiritual principle, cleverly seeking to awaken in man the dark, destructive instincts. So is it written on paper articles of the laws or even lines sentences posodeystvuyut suspend prushchego on you the spirit of the wicked?

Our society very vulnerable to attack by postmodern, first, as it is in itself, without any "Pussy Riot", poisoned by his poison through and through, from head to toe. That Shaped the hysteria that this punk band was able to call in our country — already clearest evidence of profound spiritual crisis. If society is in a state of collapse, if its meanings and values is not actually perceived by such a significant number of its members, if the colorful tights and stockings over his head everywhere are finding a ready response, forcing people to commit to a symbol of solidarity acts of vandalism shaped, then do not need to fight with certain ohalnitsami of "Pussy Riot" or there any art group "War". To fight for the purification of the society undergoing social destruction of strongest.

How can we hope for the effectiveness of criminal charges, when our culture with the direct connivance and even connivance of those who are now trying to strike a pose krivodushno defender of public morality, non-stop and has been systematically destroyed over 20 years? How can you, being of sound mind, on the one hand, the menacing frown and achieve very tough punishment for postmodern provocateur, and on the other, do not make a half-word of condemnation and so called "cultural elite," from year to year means a movie, press and TV poured into the souls of men outright disgusting? What no one realizes that without this dehumanization of many years, and he paradox "Pussy Riot" in our country would be impossible? No one longs to recognize that the strength of "Pussy Riot" in our helplessness?

If the Russian people did not receive the most severe injuries as a result of the social and cultural disaster that started in the '80s, and to this day continues to unfold, it could not be any creepy clever Petra Verzilovy together with the liberal media. However not deter them coven, he plunged to the Russian society into a state of mass hysteria. From dancing pankushek it is very easy to turn away in disgust, as a turning away from the insane.

The rapid success of the so-called post-modern art in our country has already engulfed virtually all spheres of culture (literature, cinema, music, painting, etc.) — this is a nice sign of severe social and psychological illness. Once among us in so many manufacturers have similar slop — means an enviable vsepostoyanstvom are and consumers. The consciousness of millions of people have long been in a state of schizophrenic splitting. Most vulgar manifestations of postmodernism paradoxical way to get along with him went down with nedavneshnih been in vogue ostentatious piety and following the ritual side of Orthodoxy. Not trying to start a strong family spent many years living in the so-called "civil marriage", guided in daily life is not inherent in Russian society behavioral patterns, many of our citizens, not least those who call themselves Orthodox Christians, hung on the neck of the crosses, the masses are broken the belt of the Virgin and the saints in the churches of Easter cakes.

Wonder, then, that the action is "Pussy Riot" caused such confusion in their minds? On one hand people are all ears buzz about absolute immunity in a "civilized society" of such things as freedom of expression and creativity of the artist (and it is securely lodged in the brains!), And on the other — in people as in the past quite firmly rooted limited archetype , forcing subconsciously take "punk prayer" on the altar as a sacrilege and muck. Hysteria around "Pussy Riot" is not in fact the cause of action, but rather that social and cultural context in which it was entered.

As a society, not as exposed to postmodern similar trick eccentric ladies just do not have that provoked psychosis that began in Russia. So, for example, Tricks Ukrainian feminists in Belarus did not cause much, or important social consequences. The authorities of the country did not need to resort to criminal prosecution in order to bring them to heel —
the very society "Is not the custom" to defiantly bare in the center of Minsk girls.

"Pussy Riot" and the like is not the root cause of the disease. They — only bacteria particularly brutal, gang up on the body are affected. The root cause — in ourselves, in our social and cultural transformations of recent decades, in an unnatural type of modern Russian living arrangement in which the surface sees almost exclusively muddy foam, and everything of value, fair, humane languish on old days. And do not put the blame on Europe — say, there is the same, if not the worst. In this case, the sooner we otmezhuemsya of the West and its regulations, the weightier our chances of survival. The stereotype of the servile admiration of even what the Western order has long been time to send to the landfill Russian historical wrongs.

If awaken a desire of millions of people, it can be considered as one of the first steps to spiritual healing.

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