Igor Froyanov: As soon as they unleash the Islamic world — will take for us

Igor Froyanov: "As soon as they will curb the Islamic world - will take for us"

Past Dean of the History Faculty of St. Petersburg State University about how people lose memory

— Igor Y., there is a theory that history moves in cycles, all historical events are repeated with some frequency. What is the historical era can map the history of the Russian Federation last 2-decades?

— In our history, as in the stories of other people, there were troubled times. Summarizing, we can find some similarities fundamentally our time with the era of restraint Rurik dynasty after the death of son of Ivan the Terrible Tsar Fedor. That time, at first, a sharp weakening of the central government.

And more than there is a certain, detailed similarities. Namely, it is a sharp increase in the impact on the internal life of the Russian Federation outside forces interested in the elimination of the Russian country as an active geopolitical player, and based on a fairly wide range of traitors to the state interests in the upper echelons of state power. Recall that after the capture of Constantinople by the Turks in 1453, Our homeland specifically raised the standard of orthodoxy. Moscow declared itself the "Third Rome", the last Rome, after which "the Fourth Rome" is not going to happen. Completely natural that the West, have made great efforts to the destruction of the Byzantine Empire hands of the Turks, was not happy in their own emergence of the new eastern borders of the tremendous and powerful country. Since the end of XV century a periodic and purposeful struggle between the West and Russia. Specifically, during the XVI century were developed tools, techniques and methods of struggle used by our enemies in the next century. First, it is — an ideological struggle, who took the time to form a religious struggle. Another method — the "enveloping" of supreme power, as expressed at the moment, "agents of influence", and a suitable course of events — the penetration of the very top government stooges of the West. If the tools do not work, followed by a smooth anger — a military attack in order to win the next Russian Federation and its division into small territorial entities. A similar plan for the conquest of the Russian Federation and the Russian disintegration of the country was prepared for Western rulers in the late XVI century by Henry Shtadenom. I must say that all of these funds have been used and are listed in the next while, right up to the present day. Their only adapt to changing historical realities, leaving the creature permanent.

— Threatened by a newcomer RF revolution and who can become a driving force?

— XX century to a large extent gutted and weakened the Russian people. Look at how many came in for such non-long, in historical terms, as a period of XX-th century: Russian-Japanese war, destructive to the peasant world by force, Stolypin's land reform, the first global war, three revolutions, plainclothes War, Intervention, devastation, collectivization, industrialization, the second global war, then the languid recovery period, the country's rebirth from the ashes, and then restructuring and brand new "criminal revolution". For the whole XX century our people do not have time to even take breath. All this must be taken into account.

If a brand-new revolution to occur, then a major role to play in it is not social, but ethno-social, and more precisely to say, the ethnic factor. Each ethnic group is a living organism, is available according to their own laws and traditions. When one or another ethnic group is in danger of complete destruction, he instinct of self-preservation, and he "stands up for himself," if it has, of course, still have the will to live. Now the threat appeared before the Russian ethnos. An important role in the resistance of this danger has organizing power. Latest organizing force behind the way across the liquidation as ethnic Russian is the Russian Orthodox Church. Soon in the liberal press is subjected to massive criticism of the church and speculative attacks. With all of this individual is identified with the hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church, headed by the patriarch did not, and Jesus Christ himself. The attacks on the church is very unsafe. As throughout the history of, our faith is connected the people, protecting municipal foundations of. If the church will be destroyed or very weakened, we will begin to unravel.

— Can you make a prediction of the future history of the Russian Federation? What awaits us in the coming 10 years?

— We are condemned to destruction. But the forces carried out the plan for the collapse of the USSR, at the moment we do not engage intensively. They were not up to us — they ran into a very massive resistance to the Islamic world. As they unleash the Islamic world, they will return to us. And in this I have no hesitation. Our task for the delay appeared to strengthen the government to revive the army, the military-industrial complex, and science. If we have a look at our long history, we will see that Russia has always had to defend. And these endless wars we have developed the ability to Hassle revival, repair the damage. If such be the political will of the supreme power, to revive our country, we can very rapidly. But at the very top should be a person directed to national interests. If any man will — will succeed.

— In the Russian time your concept of ancient statehood accused of departing from Marxism. In the late 90s to the court were not to your estimates of historical processes of modern times. How do you assess the essence of historical scholarship? What is "history" — the political putana either all the same impartial humanitarian science?

— Not to be confused with the science of individuals. Among the people is, as you say, is prostituted person, but there are also people who are not afraid to express their point of view, read the historical truth, no matter how bitter it may be. Another thing that is often not safe to speak freely. Our time, I would have referred to the moral and ideological terrorist. Try to portray what-nibudt not in the "liberal way"! To you immediately collapse sizzling criticism. You portray a renegade, turn into a pariah. I lived through it. But life is a struggle. And how people behave in one way or another situation, depends on its internal structure, his conscience, his notions of honor, dignity. I admit that it is possible to err. But another thing, they say, and when people do not believe in what they say they are. There was a lot of time in Russian, and a lot at the moment. Do you think that these "liberal values" everyone believes? No, of course! And preach at all angles.

Certainly, the study of history can not be imagined outside the historical context, ie a historic moment. Historian do not fly in a vacuum — it is affected by the external environment. Obviously, this effect is refracted through this or another researcher differently. From this point of view, one can read about what the science of history to some extent, personally, because almost everything is dependent on the existing political situation. Let us remember the words of the historian Pokrovsky, which read that story — it is a policy overturned in the past. There is a bit of truth. I emphasize — fraction, but not the whole truth …

— How impartial currently served time Russian history?

— Period of Russian history is largely distorted and far from ob
jective. If you ask, where is the source of this kind of interpretations, it becomes clear that the liberal-together. In Russia, there has long been the whole direction of historiography, has accumulated mountains of heresy and hatred. The fact is that at least some people have a historical memory, just as every single person remembers that he's wrong in life, making any conclusions from what happened, determining their behavior accordingly. There is a collective historical memory, enabling bolshennomu number of people determined in their own behavior and the perception of what is happening around this time. If you disarm the individual, depriving him of his personal memory, it will be completely helpless. It's the same with people. Trying to deprive him of collective historical memory, and incidentally to avert from their own history, to instill in him a feeling of disgust to the past as something shameful. And that, ultimately, leads to the perception of not good to own ethnicity, bodily self-denial. Depriving people of memory, which means to weaken it and do with it what it wants.

— Some they say: Our homeland — the only country to shrink from its past …

— Quite right. Policy supreme power, we can tell, in whose hands it is. Because it can be concluded that the now mandatory in structures is a lot of people that are alien (if not aggressive) the interests of the people.

— And if you read about education, as an impartial history is taught in institutions?

— In large institutions such as Moscow State University and St. Petersburg State University is the first depends on the teachers. I, for one, as lectured and read. Teachers in the middle of a lot of scientists who have their own special look at the history of Russia. And no they do not preclude build lectures in the spirit of their own ideas.

But in many textbooks historical facts are often distorted served. Samples step aside very often meet political reaction, and historians themselves have been attacked and reviled.

Following the publication of the book "Down in the Deeps. Our home for the final of the XX century "attacks have fallen on me. The bombing lasted a year: in the summer of 2000 to April 2001, when the question of extending the capabilities of my Deccan. In the end, put in my place "their" rights. And in 2003 I was stripped and stewardship chair of Russian history.

Remember nedavneshnee "business historians": MSU professors Alexander Vdovin and Alexander Barsenkova who wrote the textbook on the history of the new Russia. So long as nothing changes.

— And the students for the near future have not changed?

— I was very amused by the fact that so many of my students truly understand what is currently happening in the country and the world. Means all is not lost.

From the Files of the joint venture:

Igor Y. Froyanov — Russian and Russian historian, Doctor of Historical Sciences. Public figure and writer. Dr. St. Petersburg Municipal Institute from 1982 to 2001 — Dean of the Faculty of History, from 1983 to 2003 — Head of the Russian history.

In the late 90's written two books, affecting prepyadstviya modern Russia. "October seventeenth. Watching from the present "(1997) and" Down in the Deeps. Our home for the final XX Century "(1999). April 23, 2001 Igor Froyanov lost Deccan chairs, and June 26, 2003 was released from the chair of Russian history. Dissertation council under his leadership has been eliminated.

At the current time, Dr. Froyanov continues to teach at St. Petersburg State University, and conduct scientific work.

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