Igor Korotchenko: bomber fifth generation we will be more successful than the PAK FA fighter

Igor Korotchenko: Bomber fifth generation we would get no less successful than the PAK FA fighter

On Thursday, the Russian military have received the go-ahead for the president of which may be referred to a fully public defense project. After a couple of years, we must seem bomber aircraft A distant fifth generation, which must now change the existing missile Tu-160 and Tu-95MS.

"One of the values — this is the future development of air-based nuclear forces, a new set of strategic distant aircraft. Zadachka difficult with the scientific and technical point of view, but it is necessary to begin. If you do not start, then we may lose time. Unrealistic to endlessly extend the use of existing equipment "- said Vladimir Putin, speaking at a meeting on state armaments program there in aeronautical engineering, which took place in New Jersey.

That will be of a new aircraft, tactical and combat what features it will have to hold and when to appear in the sky, and about what role the Air Force in the wars of the XXI century, the correspondent said the chairman Namedni.RU Public Council under the Ministry of Defense, editor in chief of the magazine "National Defense" Igor Korotchenko.

Q: At a meeting with President Vladimir Putin was set basic task: to make the bomber fifth generation. How do you see yourself in for this plane? What he has to solve puzzles and how to look?

Igor Korotchenko: We stately country must have an effective nuclear triad and real aviation component of the triad — an indispensable guarantee of our security. At the moment we have a fleet of strategic bombers Tu-160 and Tu-95MS. But the resource use of these aircraft will not last forever. We need to realize that the design of the Tu-95MS began under Stalin, and the Tu-160 in the last years of the Russian Union. It's been quite a long time, and we now need to develop a strategic bomber fifth generation. Working papers he received the title of promising aviation complex Distant Aviation (PAK DA). Of course, we have the ability to design appropriate and based on the Tupolev, which is usually a generator of thoughts in the creation of strategic bombers can carry out such work. Of course, that future car will be designed to meet the stealth technology, in other words, technology of low visibility. In addition, it must be a mental machine, where the pilot and co-drivers will communicate with the computing system the bombers in the foreground. The elements of artificial intelligence there certainly will be. Naturally, the bomber will be functional, he can do as a mission in the criteria of a nuclear war and everyday conflict. All ammunition will be located in the internal weapons bay. Accordingly, such aircraft must be successfully overcome promising potential enemy air defenses. And, of course, it must be used in intercontinental missions without refueling. This is a set of basic criteria, but also saying that a car should own the means of electronic oppression, that successfully overcome echelons defense. The main tool of the machine — a long-range cruise missiles for nuclear strikes as needed. Naturally, the right design the Tupolev, we can not say, as these activities will be classified as "Most Secret" and all the information about the development of the machine will be classified as State lurking.

Q: This will be our answer to the Yankees, who spread the videos on the web about the agency DARPA hypersonic plane?

Igor Korotchenko: No, it does different things. The fact that Americans exhibit is a hypersonic aircraft. And we are talking about the aviation component of the strategic nuclear forces of Russia. That does not answer the Yankees, we have no need to answer them, we need to have a component of the nuclear triad. I note that distant aircraft — is a kind of operational responses to different types of risk. Rockets in the mines are on duty constantly, submarines go on alert constantly, but in order to show their determination and simultaneously show their intention, strategic aviation — the most successful method. I think the new planes on combat patrols will fly to the Arctic, given the fact that it is actually a fundamental region for the security of the country. Overall, I hope that this project will be more successful than a fighter 5th generation (PAK FA).

Igor Korotchenko: Bomber fifth generation we would get no less successful than the PAK FA fighter

Q: But the PAK FA we have beheld in the sky. When the turn of the bombers?

Igor Korotchenko: I think that this flying plane we see no earlier than 2025. At least 12-15 years will be the development of the project, and later designing and creating prototypes for reference to testing. Here in principle to implement a range of solutions. It will be necessary for the engines, and this cycle of development or modernization of existing ones. Later, you have to realize what the concept will be used in the design. At Yankee B1 — is a supersonic bomber, and B2 — this is a subsonic aircraft. I think that, with respect to our terms we need a supersonic bomber. We do not need to copy B2, which is made in the shape of a flying wing. We need our own, unique design development, the same success as the PAK FA. I believe that Pogosyan has designed a beautiful fighter. Many were amazed at the perfection of the aerodynamics and rational decisions. So, I believe that the bomber and the fifth generation will create more unusual under normal funding.

Question: Mr Putin read not only of the distant aircraft, and an ordinary aircraft and helicopters. According to him, the army in the coming years will purchase 600 new aircraft and helicopters around 1 thousand …

Igor Korotchenko: We have long had large-scale supplies of aircraft. Practically only with the adoption of weapons programs from 2020 funds were allocated and such deliveries began. The army will now be delivered and the PAK FA and Su-35 fighters and a new front bomber SU-34, MiG ship — 29 K, the new combat training aircraft Yak-130 and helicopters. All this is necessary in order to successfully solve puzzles BBC that they are facing.

Igor Korotchenko: Bomber fifth generation we would get no less successful than the PAK FA fighter

Question: Is it hard to ignore and the next Putin's statement, that the need to increase the prestige of the service pilots. How about this?

Igor Korotchenko: 100th anniversary of the Air Force, which will be celebrated this year — is a powerful prazdnichek by which we can revive the enthusiasm of the young people in Russian Air Force. Of course, people need to enthrall. It is necessary to increase the prestige of the profession, you need to pay people to the usual means for their service. In our country, there will always be enthusiasts who are ready t
o become pilots. And later we should not forget that the Air Force and now Gallakticheskie forces constitute the main striking power. Now the forms and methods of war changed. Now no plans coming armored wedges. These wars were in the past. Remember that Iraq was the most modern and combat-ready army in the Middle East. His feared everything and had every confidence that when Americans go to war against Iraq, they will be stopped by the armored fist Hussein. But nothing is none left. And the Americans have begun to conduct remote war aimed at the destruction of Iraq's military infrastructure. All this equipment was destroyed and the Iraqi army, in fact, could not join the military contact with the U.S. forces. We should not be in such a situation, and because at the moment our armed forces vary. Naturally, there is cause for criticism. But it is important to realize, for what made all these changes, and they are made to order, so that our army has been adapted to the new type of warfare.

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