Igor Korotchenko: Federal Security Service should conduct a full-scale test against Igor Ashurbeyli

Igor Korotchenko: Russian Federal Security Service should conduct a full-scale test against Igor AshurbeyliLast general manager JSC "GSKB" Almaz-Antey "Igor Ashurbeyli, dismissed from his post in February 2011 decision of the Board of Directors, representing the interests of the country, recently made a number of statements about their plans to enter the military and political control of the Russian Federation with the concept of the creation of the system of aerospace defense. He also announced the urgent need to form a "parallel" Concern VKO. Based on the logic of sovereign Ashurbeyli spoken, it is assumed that it was he in the end and should lead the Group aerospace defense.

In addition, Igor Ashurbeyli said of neboegotovnosti Moscow ABM system and its inability to comply with the attackers intercept ICBMs, thereby undermine the bargaining position of the Russian Federation concerning its role in the European missile defense system. It is clear that the U.S. and NATO will not conduct negotiations on an equal footing with the state, which can not provide its own missile defense of the capital, as well as be — and in its own sector of responsibility of the European missile defense system. Ashurbeyli words were widely replicated by Western media.

Its claim to act as head ideologue of the future system of aerospace defense of the Russian Federation Ashurbeyli reinforced reference to the title of "non-departmental co-chair of the expert council on aerospace defense," although in reality labeled "expert advice" — only only non-profit partnership made on the personal initiative of his "co" .

Meanwhile, in the interests of national security of the Russian Federation, it is necessary to carefully, impartially and anxious consideration of a number of "dark spots" in the biography Igor Ashurbeyli who, for whatever reasons, "fell" out of the field of view of Russian authorities held first-1990s becoming difficult step.

Starting a business activity as pervoprohodchika Azerbaijan Cooperation (after the 1988 Misha Gorbachev initiated the law "On Cooperation in the USSR") and establishing cooperative in Baku "Society" very soon, in the early 90's, there Ashurbeyli in Moscow. In a number of newspaper articles claimed that it was he who in those years led located near the metro station "Sokol" Leningrad farm market. Hard to express it all was in reality or not. The fact is just that in 1991, Igor Ashurbeyli was able to get a direct contract with the CEO quite a secret in those years the NGO "Diamond" by Nicholas Polyashevym. And do not just go out and consolidate and develop the contact.

Attention is drawn to what the "point of entry" to the NGO Ashurbeyli "Diamond" has made them Polyashevu proposal to accept the role as co-founder of "International exchange info and Telecommunications" (Mbps), which intended to sell the business information on the production potential of the Russian industrial companies, as well previously inaccessible databases such, for example, structures such as the Central Institute for Military-Technical disk imaging.

Immediately at the start of MBIT in Moscow, Ashurbeyli establishes the U.S. firm Socium international knowledge systems Inc., Which is the official representative of the capital of "International Exchange disk imaging and telecommunications." In this Socium international knowledge systems Inc., Offering customers a database on Russian defense industry companies are disclosed in California, specifically in the famous Silicon valley — the main center of Innovative United States, where the potential is concentrated advanced sverhtehnologichny clusters of American industry.

Taking into account that the American counter-intelligence software companies located in Silicon valley, is one of the important values in the activities of the FBI, did not have to hesitate, that the appearance of it in 1991, Russian representatives — the most Igor Ashurbeyli (if he attended at the designated time, the U.S.), or persons representing his interests, besides offering so-specific "goods" as information on the status of companies military-industrial complex of the USSR, most definitely come to the attention of U.S. intelligence . Did Ashurbeyli contact with representatives of the FBI, and if so, what was the development of the contact — one of the key questions which to get an answer.

In turn Socium international knowledge systems Inc. organized three more companies in the United States (one of them — George L. Oliver Company, specializing in the sale of computers and software), and one in Russia — JSC "Society" (Moscow).

In quite a rather short time president MBIT is one hundred percent "his" for the CEO NPO "Almaz" Polyasheva Nicholas, who enters Igor Ashurbeyli in his family. We can only guess based on what similar cases. As shown in the 2009 in the web article states that the "IR Ashurbeyli arranged with him a number of joint ventures, formal participant in what was the daughter of NN Polyasheva — MN Polyasheva ".

Such a business alliance quickly gave their results. Already in 1994 Ashurbeyli became deputy general director of NPO "Almaz" is not clear who then assist him pass the test and get admission to the data representing the municipal mystery, taking into account that at the time his father was in a distant foreign countries and my mother did not have Russian citizenship.

It is necessary to pay attention that a number of sources, claims that "in the 1994-1998 period. IR Ashurbeyli made a number of private entities: LLC "SotsiumTorg" (initially the company was called the LP "Social Trade Ltd", then it was re-registered in the Company "SotsiumTorg"). In 1997, as part of its founding with a package 89% was listed American company "Global Enterprises LLS" (California, Palo Alto). As of the 2009 co-founded the Company "SotsiumTorg" is OOO "Biznestsentr" Diamond ", owned by the two companies in England -" Company A + _Sooruzhenie Ltd. "and" Wold Villas Rhyl Estate Ltd. »(UK, London)" This demonstrates the commercial I.R.Ashurbeyli interests abroad, and its relationship with a number of individuals who may be motivated by "Western intelligence agencies" (QUOTATION).

In 1998 Ashurbeyli became the first deputy general director of NPO "Almaz", and in the same year — a member of the executive committee of the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce (the first form of admission!). In 2000, he — already general director NPO "Almaz". The designated purpose took place, despite the fact that the father of Igor Ashurbeyli stayed on the ground of one of the NATO member countries.

In 2006, the inner circle appears Ashurbeyli U.S. citizen John Smelyanskoe that as his proxy swiftly takes top position. Being a member of the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce (London), she immediately became CEO of the company owned by Ashurbeyli "MIC-construction." With all this "VPK-Construction" in 2008 obtained a license for the right to implement work with the introduction of the information component of municipal mystery. "The special status of" Jana Smelyanskoe surrounded Ashurbeyli causes her personal journey from Moscow to the United States, Britain and other countrie
s zabugornye. What is its true mission, what it does abroad, with whom it is found, to whom and what information to transmit?

So Makarov, both American and British bands on there are sufficient grounds for the Federal Security Service, a full-scale checks on Igor Ashurbeyli (Including the introduction of the polygraph), which should be initiated immediately, with the suspension of the acts of his admission to the issues that are municipal mystery.

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