Igor Korotchenko: Our homeland rearm Kazakhstan and Belarus army

Igor Korotchenko: rearm Russia Kazakhstan and Belarus army

Vladimir Putin's initiative concerning the creation of a Eurasian Union, will allow to enter the wonderfully new level of military-technical cooperation between Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus — this during a round table on "Military and political results of the 2011" held in Moscow, said Igor Korochenko, Member of the Presidium of the Public Council under the Ministry of Defense RF, editor in chief of the magazine "National defense".

Our homeland, according to Korochenko, re ready to fulfill all-encompassing armies Kazakhstan and Belarus by supplying modern weapons the widest range at prices lower than global. The nomenclature will include combat aircraft, air defense systems and armored vehicles. Brand new system of air and space defense will make it possible to secure a RF, and its partners in the Eurasian Union. It is very likely corresponds to the challenges and threats. Means and air defense forces of Belarusian and Kazakh Armed Forces may be introduced into a single control loop EKR RF, that will allow to achieve very frisky and adequate response to any air and missile attacks. Members of the Eurasian Union, according to the views of I. Korochenko, need to coordinate their actions in the fight against extremism and terrorism, taking into account some samples zabugornyh players manipulate events in the countries of the former Soviet Union, the main purpose of which is the aggravation of the political situation, the creation of preconditions for implementation scenarios of the "orange revolution."

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