Igor Rodobolsky — little about those who are worthy of gratitude

Igor Rodobolsky - some of those who are worthy of gratitudeThe role of aviation, especially helicopters in combat operations in mountainous criteria overemphasized. Small and maneuverable machine kitted impressive arms, tenderly called in the army, "crocodiles" and "bumblebees", not once rescued life Russian fighters. In the ranks of the Russian army the number of professionals who have not only formal admission to fly in the mountains, and the experience of maneuvering during the shelling quite little. The risk of a helicopter is very high. Chechen Mujahideen during the war were paid a lot of money for each destroyed Russian helicopter, because a transport aircraft conducted a real hunt. The militants did not miss the ability to storm the machine, while the fire of the enemy to answer may not always be. On board are often injured, requiring urgent hospitalization, and weather conditions in the mountains are very unpredictable. To convey the complexity of the helicopter squadrons only after traveling together aboard the heights in terms of oxygen deficiency.

The real hero of the article is devoted to the lieutenant colonel of the Russian Federation Igor O. Rodobolskomu — brave helicopter squadron commander relating to a separate Sevastopol helicopter regiment in the North-Caucasian military environment. This man shot a small-sized films, telling the evacuation operation clamped in a tight circle of militants, commandos, written many articles and publications. But it was in the life of Igor O. and many other events and actions, which also can be safely called exploits.

Rodobolsky was born in Grodno Belarus March 18, 1960. About the childhood and youth of the hero disk imaging little understood only that he finished high school in Vitebsk Novapolatsk and flying club. The military has become Igor O., headed for a majority, and in 1982 had already received a diploma of higher military aviation school in Syzran. After graduation, fate has thrown the young pilot in Hungary, where he served in the Southern army helicopter aviation group. Soon the navigator was allowed to fly solo as commander of the crew of the MI-8. Since 1986 Rodobolsky participated in the Afghan war. In complex criteria highlands he made the above two hundred sorties, for which he was awarded 3 medals. Read about the courage and bravery can be long, each soldier who visited the mouth horrible consuming animal under the name of war, can be considered a hero. But among them there are people who do not just perform their own debt, and understand its importance. These Russian warriors applies Igor O..

Igor Rodobolsky - some of those who are worthy of gratitude

Afghanistan did not break the young officer and Rodobolsky continued military service. He participated in the first Chechen war, faced with all the "charms" of the organization and command, but turn away from his motherland did not. In 1999 he was appointed first deputy and later commander of the helicopter squadron. He participated in the second Chechen and the incident in general 4800 hours and having made over 1600 sorties, each of which has been associated with a fatal risk.

Operation near the village of Tsentoroj of 31 May 2001 was entrusted to Igor O. means 3 Mi-8 helicopters. Rodobolsky went to evacuate the Army Special Forces, was ambushed by gunmen. In combat units are perfectly aware of how rarely survive in an ambush in the mountainous criteria. The use of artillery in such areas is very difficult, and in close contact with the enemy is not realistic. Accuracy is not sufficient, and can be destroyed not only the power of the enemy, and their own troops. Urgently pull force to the besieged also does not seem likely, as the mountains are difficult parts, from time to time, completely overgrown with bushes. Especially hard reinforcement given rise, as to adapt to the altitude of time is devoted entirely little, it's hard for exhausting prepared people. Ambush in the mountains of unsafe by the fact that special groups do not have armored vehicles, for which one could hide from enemy fire, also own a very limited ammunition and food. Mobility unit, usually depends on the weight of the equipment, because for the realization of operations of the group take only the most necessary. Helicopter aviation, in fact, is the only means of emergency evacuation and support groups that have entered into an unequal battle with the enemy. The only hope for salvation army special forces, has long opposed osatanevshih fanatics in the mountains — is subordinated to the Mi-8.

Igor Rodobolsky - some of those who are worthy of gratitude Upon arrival, the helicopter pilots learned that the land does not work, so they decided to evacuate the soldier, hovering in the air. But the brutal gunmen opened fire on cars, threatening to kill not only the crew, and the helicopters themselves. Rodobolskogo decision was immediate. He diverted the attention of the Mujahideen, maneuvering and firing at them from a height. Even the art of the pilots could not save the Mi-8 from machine gun fire almost riddled body helicopter. Igor O. and crew fought an unequal battle right up to the receipt of the order to sail. By the time aboard the 2-other helicopters were shipped only half the commandos, the other covered loading. Fuel tank Rodobolskogo helicopter was shot through and out of it poured kerosene seats, machine might at any moment be undermined, or simply fall off. But Igor O. tried to make the next turn over the militants. Decisive voice from the radio gave the order to retreat. What was it like to throw to his death the brothers-in-arms, can tell only members of the crew brave squadron. Orders are orders, withdrawal provided life to those who had to dive to the saving side, others dead or captured. It must be said that the Chechen captivity is much worse than death. Brutal participants gazavat cruelly tortured Russian fighter. Methods of causing suffering to the victims of torture are superior in Nazi concentration camps. Many prefer to be killed in action, if voluntarily surrender to the mercy favorite. Two helicopters with rescued on board were not able to get to the base and had to sit down a few kilometers from the place of the battle. The Mi-8 is running Rodobolskogo returned to base without the help of others, although he had more than 30 bullet holes.

Already 31 December 2001 the commander of the Mi-8 had evacuated the wounded person in complete darkness at a distance of 400 meters from the camp of the militants. Engine noise interested opponent and on the car opened fire. Rodobolsky, despite numerous injuries, has not suspended the act of saving.

January 11, 2002 Igor O. once again finds itself in a difficult situation in the Sharo-Argun. Rodobolsky operated by 3 helicopters in the operation to eliminate
militant bases. Intelligence about the camp contained information on the availability of portable air defense systems "Igla", able to kill not only helicopter, and the great object of aviation. To obtain sharp coordinate brave Mujahideen camp commander calls over the fire. The fact that the seat base to establish a clear enemy in the mountains is very difficult because of the thick vegetation that hides the placement. Certain positions may be transferred only after contact with the enemy, which is a very risky business. After the application of point-fire battle joined landing, which was faced with fierce resistance from the militants preserved machine gun. Many of the soldier were wounded, and Rodobolsky decided to take them on board. Because the helicopter landing pad was not, Igor O. "leans" the car on two wheels for loading injured in combat. The Mi-8 is severe damage in the set are breaking 2-blade propeller and damage to the control panel, but the qualitative pilot retains control of the car and displays under fire. In the battle Rodobolsky wounded in the arm, but steadfastly continued to do battle puzzle.

In 2002, the Colonel is involved in operations in the areas of Ingushetia, to eliminate a large group of terrorists who had taken refuge in the village Ghalashki. Its machine again received about 20 holes, but remained in the ranks and continued to fight. Among the awards Rodobolskogo also includes arrangements for transport of civilians conducted, including, in the inaccessible areas in the criteria actually zero visibility. In addition, our own experience Igor O. conveyed to young pilots in the period between the military and civilians departures. He was the creator of unique and unexpected methods of implementation of helicopter aviation in combat, tactics and ways of dealing with the enemy.

The conventional hero in the middle of army comrades, got his well-deserved credit only after the third submission in September 2003. Gold Star and the title character still have been assigned Rodobolskomu. Now Colonel continued service as the head of the department of aviation management in the town of Ekaterinburg. In the middle of his awards are also the Order of the "Red Star", "Courage", "For Military Merit" and the rest.

Household information Rodobolskogo actually not — apparently, the Hero of the Russian Federation does not seek to discover so much personal information about themselves. But what is clear about that person is enough to come to a conclusion about the strength of character, dedication and the will of the people. The second-largest military contribution of the Russian Federation received their well-deserved, but the most basic reward Igor O. are saved his life the courage of the young Russian guys and civilians.

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