Igor Sikorsky — the lost genius of the Russian Federation

"Father multiengine aircraft" Igor Sikorsky — Professional Russian designer, enforced during the revolution to leave their homeland, as it was recognized political traitor. The whole life of a professional person has been devoted to designing first in the royal of, and then in the United States. In the face of Sikorsky our country has lost the 1 st of the best designers of the first half of the twentieth century, and to deny this fact does not make sense.

Igor Sikorsky - the lost genius of Russia

Igor was born in a family therapist Sikorski and raised in Kiev. Grown-up boy was given to study in Kiev school, and later in the Naval College campus of St. Petersburg. In 17 years, Igor goes to the Paris techno school Dyuvin de Lano, and a year later again in Kiev continues his studies at the Polytechnic Institute. It can be said that education Sikorski was brilliant, his family saw him on a successful career, but with 11 years Sikorski dreamed of the sky. More precisely, he was obsessed with the idea of building the aircraft. Own first helicopter he fashioned in the yard in 1909. His creation — the helicopter could only raise the weight of nine pounds, but with the pilot off the ground but could not. Through year there is another helicopter on the same circuit. Immediately the young student designs snowmobile with propellers.

With a friend, a student Bylinkinoy Igor Sikorsky built a small shed on Kurenivsko airport, which served as a young aircraft designer building workshop. Here was born the first bis-1, and this biplane failed to take off — the engine was weak. Thrust designer did not depart in June 1910 machine Bis-2, in the end, took off.

Igor Sikorsky - the lost genius of Russia

In 1911, the biplane Bis-5 not only took off, and gave demonstrations by rolling passengers. This lightweight plane brought a big success professional young man. Modeled after the fifth machine Igor built several aircraft, their very experienced and took part in military exercises, passed the examination for the pilot. In the same year, was developed sixth more powerful model for 3-passenger C-6, setting a world record for speed. The new and improved aircraft received the 1912 Gold Medal of the Metropolitan aeronautic exhibition and an honorary medal "For works on aeronautics and for independent development of the airplane."

Even before graduation, the young Sikorsky receives an invitation become principal engineer of the Naval Air Station and another invitation in the aeronautic department to "Russian-Baltic Carriage Factory." The designer is leaving Kiev and moved to the capital, having the opportunity to immerse your head in the aircraft industry and realize their potential. Thanks to the support of a powerful organizer of Russian President Engineering Management RBVZ Shydlovsky MV, Sikorsky achieves great success in the development of several new classes of machines: a seaplane, special plane for the training of pilots, serial, monocoque and piloting. In international competitions military biplanes in a tough fight were recognized as the best three Sikorsky Aircraft. Model Scouting C-10 has become a major vehicle in the Baltic naval aviation. The C-12, wielding great maneuverability, was performed for the front. It has also cooperated establishment licensed foreign aircraft types.

Igor Sikorsky - the lost genius of Russia

Is constantly working to increase the reliability, first in 1913 four-engine aircraft designs the unit on a few people. Emperor Nicholas, rising giant, which is dubbed "Russian Vityaz", granted to Igor Ivanovich premium gold watch. So Sikorsky became the ancestor of multi-engine aircraft. Under the scheme Knight, another name "Grand", began to build a languid bombers and transport machines, allowing to create a repair in the criteria of the flight. Specifically "Russian Knight" glorified design engineer, making him a hero of the state. Abroad, such constructions were carried out much later.

At the end of 1913. creates another model seaplane also with 4 motors. At the time, the aircraft was listed as the largest in the world and was named "Ilya Muromets". During the First World War created the Russian Sikorsky aircraft for its excellent developments. Whole air squadron aircraft of various types involved in the fighting, the engineer was at the front constantly exploring the operation of devices and modifying the design. During the war they were designed more than eighty languid air ships of various modifications. They built a factory for aircraft construction, the development of Russian industry has made a big push thanks to the young designer. Sikorsky was awarded the Order of St. Vladimir 4th degree.

Creating new 6 models was interrupted revolution. Massive unrest in the country out of the rut vyshybli all professionals and associates Sikorsky. Commander of the troops of General Aviation Shydlovsky raging brutally killed sailors on the Finnish border. From the day or on a day he was waiting for his arrest and Sikorsky. He was devoted to the emperor, who firmly believed in God and realize that it will not leave alive. Accommodation Ruler to Sikorski was a well-known fact in the spring of 1918 because the designer has left Russia, leaving the very young wife and little daughter. After a year in France and creating a copy of the four-engine giant Igor Ivanovic had intended to return to his homeland. Our homeland has been shrouded in flames civilian war, the political situation was unclear because the designer felt it appropriate to continue their activities abroad.

In 1919, he traveled to the USA where you start languid years of struggle for existence. Despite all the difficulties, Sikorsky has not given up construction. Four years later, the engineer finds a like-minded people in the middle of Russian immigrants, and opened a small company Samoletnaya "Sikorski Aeroinzheniring Corporation. " Moderate but steady income allows the designer to cause the daughter of the Russian Federation and 2-own sisters. After a while Igor newly married Russian emigrant Semenova Elizabeth. 2nd marriage arise four sons.

The first aircraft built in the most difficult criteria twin-engine S-29 for Long Island was the best. The model was required immediately, and the company Sikorsky has received orders unchanged. In 1924, the name of a famous designer zopoluchilo fame in the United States, and the Russian Our homeland called him a political traitor.

Igor Sikorsky - the lost genius of Russia

Aircraft company started to engage in the creation and sale of light and one twin-engine biplane. So on the S-31, S-32, S-33 and S34, but Sikorski wanted to make a machine that could fly over the Atlantic. Designer again taken to develop languid multiengine ship S-35. It is not clear exactly what influenced the outcome, but Sikorsky realized the trouble — the plane came on at the start. Then the errors have been corrected and the design took off, but not giant acquired popularity as time was lost, and the flight across the Atlantic Ocean has already taken place. To maintain the credibility of the company urgently needed to do something completely new and functional. Saving masterpiece has become amphibious aircraft S-38 — the ship for 10 seats with 2 motors. Wonder ship was flying and just kept on the water, was reliable and not dangerous. Now the company Sikorsky firmly on her feet, the order comes often. On the crest of popularity of designer together with partners, it was decided to raise the plant in Stratford, Connecticut State. And the company has received a new name — "Sikorsky Aviation Corporation."

The team managed by Sikorsky worked "wear and tear", and in 1929 the company entered into a gigantic and powerful corporation "United Aircraft End Transport", in what is now. Since then, Russian aircraft manufacturers could not bother about marketability. Factories increased capacity and expanded the staff, but the main engineers were Russian immigrants. Deputy Igor Ivanovich was an outstanding scientist in the field of aerodynamics special Glukharev ME Gluhareva brother also worked at Sikorsky as a constructor. Russian professional engineers, pilots and working in a team there were many, and they were all close friends of head designer.

Thanks to Igor Ivanovich in Stratford formed a large Russian diaspora. Fugitives from the Russian Russia is trying to settle in this particular town. When the factory was rebuilt church, and the post of Archbishop of Western Canada was the first Russian priest Antoniuc. Sikorsky to charity, and with it were built Russian school, club, opera and the Orthodox church in honor of St. Nicholas.

Igor Sikorsky - the lost genius of Russia

Get by creating languid amphibians, multi passenger liners for transport across the ocean. Flying ship S-42, made in 1934, was flying over the Pacific Ocean, set many records, and despite the huge capacity, was a high-speed liner. Another flying boat S-43, which was found by the state of the Soviets, well proven in the search for the missing Russian crew Levanevskogo in the northern ice. Specifically, the boat took off at the famous Russian film "Volga-Volga". The last weary ship in 1937 was S-44. After that, the demand for large aircraft suddenly fell.

Chief designer was 50 years old when all had to start at the beginning. Igor Sikorsky returned again to the helicopters. Own first helicopter he flew in 1939. The traditional scheme of the latest design is now the basis for all models of helicopters. A couple of years there were improvements on, who took the leading position in the complex structure of the helicopter competition. The unit S-52 was able to make a flight across the Atlantic with refueling in the air specifically in 1952. Next were carried out multi-ton helicopters, proving the possibility of their flight even what weight. No one could replicate the model of the Russian designer of machines. Sikorski became known as "Mr. helicopter." The last and best of his helicopter was S-58. In 1958, having reached the peak of fame, Sikorsky has retired, leaving a space adviser.

Igor Sikorsky - the lost genius of Russia

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