Impeccable rifle

Ideal rifle

To replace the M16, which is not very suitable criterion for urban combat, the company of Israeli IMI TAAS (Israel Military Industries) in 90 years began to develop weapons of the last generation, using the now fashionable scheme "Bullpup". It's such a scheme assembly of small tools, which store the bolt and trigger mechanism located behind the pistol handle with trigger (usually inside the device). The great advantage of this scheme is that under certain dimensions of the instrument may be to increment the length of the barrel, and that means improving accuracy. Or, as required preservation of the length of the barrel is possible to reduce the length of the rifle, improving its size and weight and ergonomics. By the shortcomings of the scheme "Bullpup" usually refers placing the ejection port, which is located close to the butt of the gun (the delivery of fire from the left shoulder sleeve fly in the face of a fighter) and hard descent (through an additional element between the trigger and the Trigger device).

The new machine is not processing or upgrading of other instruments, and to create, as they say, from the ground up.

In 1998, the results of the development of IMI TAAS, namely newcomer rifle, received the title of the Tavor Assault Rifle for the 21st Century (TAR-21 -"Assault rifle Twenty-first century, "Tabor"), were presented to the public. More precisely it is a whole series of rifles, from the Army standard TAR-21 and sniping of the STAR-21 with extended up to 460 mm barrel, an optical sight and a folding bipod to a small-sized version of MTAR-21 250-mm barrel for the needs of the security services. All models are completely new instrument designed by the introduction of the M16 standard stores and shooting ordinary NATO rounds of 5.56 mm.

Ideal rifle

The case is the latest rifle from hard plastics and amplified inserts from the lungs and iron alloys. Developers guns abandoned the standard "mechanical" run, having equipped outdoor rifle sight red dot type with built-in laser pointer. So as not to bore the same fighter on and off, sight cut one machine at juggling speed and turns off when the tool should be discharged. At the time of her complement a cheap gun without a laser pointer.

Military experts equate the Israeli assault rifle of the last generation to virtually flawless weapons for fighting in the town — it came out light and with all this high-velocity, also comfortable when shooting offhand. Drawback — the highest price in comparison with an ordinary M16. TAR-21 is 10 times or $ 1,000.

Apart from Israel, TAR-21 are armed with special forces military mission in India and Georgia, Azerbaijan, Brazil and manufactures under license.

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