In Belarus comes from the Vatican, Cardinal

A three-day visit to Belarus arrives envoy of the Pope, Cardinal Zenon Grocholewski. He will visit Grodno on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Major Seminary. In the Belarusian Catholic Church hopes that the visit of the Vatican's Cardinal is another step for the visit to Belarus Benedict XVI.

Zenon Grocholewski arrives at the invitation of Bishop Alexander Kashkevich Grodno and Grodno seminaryynay community. The reason for this was two events that svyatkuyutstsa these days20 years of the seminary and the 305 th anniversary of the consecration of the Grodno department. In addition, Grodno — one of the favorite cities Vatican cardinal said a. Paul Solobuda:

Such visits to Belarus in recent years have become very frequent

"He is very fond of Grodno, as he originated from Poland and here in Grodno, it is the third time. Such visits to Belarus in recent years have become very frequent. Was Cardinal Bertone, and other senior Vatican officials come and are interested in the situation of the Catholic Church in Belarus . in this case — Zenon Grocholewski — Interested in Catholic education in Belarus. "

Zenon Grocholewski heads the Vatican department that is responsible for the entire Catholic education in the world. So, first of all, he will deliver a lecture before the Belarusian seminarians, teachers, heads of higher ecclesiastical institutions. Meetings during worship with Cardinal also offers Grodno believers. One Marysia Matsko said such meetings are particularly needed during the important events in the life of the country:

This prayer has a very strong spiritual significance in the sense of increasing faith

"This prayer has a very strong spiritual significance in the sense of increasing the faith. When the belief that it will help to change the situation in Belarus for the best that our country has become more democratic. If we unite around faith, then the people will elect the first person in his faith . "

Cardinal Zenon Grocholewski is one of the closest collaborators of the Pope Benedict XVI. Therefore, even purely spiritual visit of the papal envoy — an important sign for Belarus, says. Paul Solobuda:

"We are delighted that he is coming, because the presence of the Cardinal — is, ostensibly, as the Pope, as it is one of his closest staff. And we hope that every such visit brings us to the fact that Benedict XVI also come in Belarus. And, of course, in Grodno, as it is the center of Christianity in Belarus. "

In the Catholic Church also reported that close to completing work on a document on cooperation between the Vatican and Belarus.

The Congregation for Catholic Education, which is Cardinal Zenon Grocholewski — this Vatican department that takes care of almost 1,000 Catholic universities, 150 theological faculties, of 3000 Seminary and thousands of Catholic schools, which educate about 50 million people. Congregation can be considered one of the oldest ministries of education in the world: in 1588, Pope Sykst V established the agency that took care of the University of Rome.

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