In Bohai Bay due to pollution died 30 species of fish

In Bohai Bay due to pollution died 30 species of fishFollowing the rapid growth of the number of industrial facilities along the coast of the Bohai Sea and the rapidly increasing level of water pollution in it, which has caused significant damage to local wildlife and the fishing industry.

As reported Jan. 17 edition of the Chinese Economic Information, fishermen living in Shandong province along the shores of Bohai Bay, say that before the bay was rich in fish, including marine life can often be caught even whales and sharks. Also, if you do not want to fish, you can randomly throw the network at any place and in a short time to catch a lot of crabs.

Recently, however, the situation every year it gets worse.

Estimated to fishermen over the years in the Bohai Gulf completely gone, at least 30 species of "sea products", among which the Indian shad, catfish, anchovies, pelengas, halibut and others. These fish were once abundant, and now they have a long time no one met.

One local resident involved in the cultivation of scallops, said that because of the increasing pollution of water in the bay scallop was smaller and they grow more slowly than before.

According to him, in the past scallops fully grow in six months, from spring to autumn, and the last few years, growth slowed to almost double, from spring to spring. Moreover, they themselves have become much smaller and the number of them have also decreased. Previously one cage received 15 pounds, and now only 10 kilograms.

"Bohai is gradually dying and exhausted. If such a development will continue on, we are going through, that is not soon be able to fish and raise fish. Moreover, apart from that, we do not know how, what will we live? "- Expresses the concern of local people on behalf of all fishermen.

Several months ago, a research institute in the city of Tianjin, studied the situation with food water fishing in the Bohai Bay, has published a report which says that in recent years in the waters of the Gulf of the 95 species of fish have only 75 species.

According to the researchers, in the past, in the Bohai Gulf was more than 150 species of marine life, of which more than 70 have an economic value and were the subject of fishing. However, since the 80-ies of the last century, due to excessive fishing, and growing every year pollution, fish populations are dying off one after another, causing great damage to local fish farms.

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Ilya Ivanov

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