In Gomel be criticized Lukashenko

Democratic activists Gomel said on a number of election meetings in order to campaign against Alexander Lukashenko. An appropriate statement they turned to the electoral commission of the Soviet and Central regions of Gomel.

As the Chairman of the Gomel regional branch of the United Civic Party Vasily Polyakov, Commission Soviet district agreed, and one of these meetings will be held on December 10. The answer from the Commission of the Central District has not happened.

Vasily Polyakov position of the authorities commented: "adjusting to the West, trying to please him, the authorities are willing to go even to the fact that the campaign was carried out against Lukashenko. This, of course, does not mean that December 19 will be honest poll. All will be held, as usual, rigging, replacement ballots, attachment. But before that, the authorities want to create a favorable background for the purpose Lukashenko for a new term, "BelaPAN.

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