In Gomel, provosts attacked the agitator

Gomel Yevgeny Yakovenko agitator distributed at the intersection of Karpovich and Red Army propaganda leaflets for Vladimir Neklyaeva. It is next to the Belarusian State University of Transport.

Yakovenko: «I was approached by two vice-rectors, as it turned out, Constantine barrels and Galina Chayankova, and began to make remarks that I supposedly wrong campaigning. Vice Rector Bochkov grabbed her arm and forcibly dragged him to the university. And then it all rushed together. Students were cadets — and they already gave orders to keep me. I asked to call police if they see that I have something breaking. "

In the university police arrived, and Valery Slyapuhin, trustee presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaeva.

Yevgeny Yakovenko wrote a statement to the police at the Professor Constantine Bochkova, which forcibly restrained him.

"I even asked the police — says Eugene — it was necessary to for the purpose of self-defense to the vice-chancellor's ear? But the police did not approve of such an intention. "

This is the second incident at the University of Transport. How many weeks ago, the university security guards on duty prevented activists Neklyaeva while collecting signatures. In a situation as the police intervened.

By the way, Yevgeny Yakovenko — a graduate of the university, not so long ago he got here diploma in electrical engineering.



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