In Irkutsk, built a new surgical unit at Children’s Hospital

In Irkutsk completed surgical case Ivano-Matreninskoy Children's Hospital — the oldest children's hospital in Siberia and the Far East. 

Construction of the new building was conducted on the federal and regional budgets as part of a "Surgery Center and neonatal intensive care." A network of 10 medical centers of federal importance, will provide specialized care to babies with abnormalities of the heart. Ivano-Matreninskaya Hospital became one of the centers, as in several areas in the provision of highly specialized medical care is a leader in the Irkutsk region, and in the Siberian Federal District.

The ultra-operating unit, will significantly enhance the ability bolnytsy. The first floor housed: the emergency room and computed tomography department, central sterilization station. The second floor — ray department, the third — for the newborn intensive care unit, the fourth — the operating unit for routine operations.

In total, the new building will be 10 new operating: one each on the first and third floors, with four in the fourth and the fifth. Also, in case there will be three intensive care room.

As the chief doctor of the hospital, Vladimir Novozhylov — Construction of the surgical case — not an end in itself. The problem is this — concentrate medical care in one place. Today, the hospital has 6 closely packed buildings on the street. 1st Soviet and remote shell on the street. Deputy. Surgical care is provided on the 1st Soviet and pediatric for deputy. And it is necessary that the patient came in and got a full package of services in one place, instead of running around the city. In our case for a deputy in the past housed a hostel. After the pediatric ward will be moved to the 1st Soviet and all services will be in one place, the building will be used for the deputy as a dormitory for medical professionals.


Today, in the new building is complete finish, the equipment is installed and maintained its commissioning. The grand opening is scheduled for the summer, after the state of acceptance and licensing.

History Ivano-Matreninskaya Children's Hospital, named in honor of the Irkutsk millionaire and philanthropist Bazanova Ivan and his wife, Marya, sacrificed on its construction of 500 000. The first children's hospital in Siberia began receiving patients in 1895.

In the structure of 22 medical units, 810 beds, provides emergency and routine medical care for children with a variety of surgical and medical conditions. The hospital is a clinical base for pediatric faculty and IGMU IGIUVa. On the basis of institutions operate nine clinical departments.

The new operating unit attached to the historical building of the hospital.

In this building, 118 years ago, began life Ivano-Matreninskaya hospital.

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