In Irkutsk, preparing to open the Operating Room Ivano-Matreninskoy Children’s Hospital

Ground and top floor — technical equipment is located here, which enables all systems to operate smoothly. First floor — Emergency waiting room, the second — a diagnostic floor. The third floor is given to infants and children of early infancy. Located on the fourth floor of the planned surgery. On the fifth — Emergency young patients.

The new operating unit is unique in the region. It is equipped with an automated laboratory with modern surgical complexes, systems, ventilation of lungs for kids, X-rays, ultrasound machines with new higher grade, two scanners.

Now finish building commissioning, preparing documentation for the facility to operate. The opening is scheduled for September.

Construction of the operating unit started in 2007. Of the city's budget for the construction and purchase of equipment allocated 1 billion 137 million rubles, of which 587 million rubles — was spent on the purchase of equipment. In addition, two federal programs allocated about 200 million rubles for the purchase of equipment.

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