In Irkutsk, the new building of the perinatal center

The new building of the city perinatal center — the object is not only the most significant for the entire region of Irkutsk. It will be the most modern and equipped with a birthing facility Irkutsk region, so its appearance — an event of historic significance.  For the main construction site of the city is experienced in all — Irina Yezhov, chief medical officer, the mayor, members of City Council, construction workers and mothers who shoot at the construction site of the windows phones maternity wards.

For the construction of the building from the area had to endure high voltage cables and water pipes. But this was not the most difficult challenge for builders.
In the spring of 2011 at the site there was a fire burned down the scaffolding and formwork building. Because of an accident contractor work schedule was "dropped" a few months ago, I had to disassemble the several floors of the building.

The new building of urban perinatal center is a complex of buildings. The most important of them — the 5-storey functional unit, where the emergency room, delivery rooms and an area for visitors. Previously, these areas of hospitals in the projects did not exist, but in the new building will house a recreation area there and wait, where are sanitary room, social room with medical staff and cafes. Entirely new registry is arranged, — says Irina Yezhov. It is not fenced off screen, and is open to visitors. All workstations will be equipped with modern technology. Everything will be done to ensure that the maximum amount of staff time spent with patients. In two four-storey blocks arranged chambers: the first 77 houses (74 — single chamber and 3 boxes), and the second — 46 Chambers (13 — single rooms, 16 -, and 17 doubles Chambers rooming mother and child). A two-storey building is connected with the transition of the main building of the hospital, it has staff wardrobes with showers and bathrooms and toilets; "clean zone": laundry and ironing; fumigatory and pharmaceutical warehouse.

Who is the head physician Irina Yezhov most concerned about how to mount the ventilation and lighting in a single complex, during construction work in the building. Specialized medical equipment must be installed in a single complex with the building that there are no gaps, slots and extra inches.

City Perinatal Center — the oldest specialized obstetric hospital in Irkutsk, it more than 90 years. Modern building area of 5 sq m2 For 50 years, which does not correspond to modern medical technologies used today in the center. After the construction of the new building will begin reconstruction of the old building of the first hospital in Irkutsk: it will withdraw from the maternity ward to expand the department for the care of small babies. Right now the new building is constructed, finishing work completed and installed equipment. The opening is scheduled for late 2013 — early 2014

The new building of the perinatal center — part of a larger project to develop bridgehead area Glazkovsky bridge. Bridgehead area though is the center of Irkutsk, but until recently, it was one of the most deprived and run-down areas of the city.

On the territory already implemented two major projects, the hotel Sourtyard Mariott …

and the Arbitration Court of the East-Siberian region.

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