In Irkutsk villages build housing for young families

In rural areas of the Irkutsk region in 2010 commissioned 6.3 million square meters. meters of housing, living conditions improved 71 family, including 48 young families.


As the Governor — Chairman of the Government of Irkutsk Region Dmitry Mezentsev, for the 10 months of 2010 from the regional budget to rural areas paid subsidies to improve living conditions in the amount of 69.5 mln., Including young families and young professionals — at 32, 9 million rubles.
Grants are allocated in the amount of not more than 70% of the estimated cost of construction or acquisition of housing (40% — of the federal budget, 30% — from the regional).

According to a long-term target program "Social development of village Irkutsk Region for 2011-2014" is planned to provide housing for 1,550 families, to reduce by 2.7% the number of students enrolled in the second shift, increase the security of the rural population of hospital beds.

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