In Irkutsk, was born 600000th resident

  • Happy family.  Photo press service of the city administration.
  • Happy family. Photo press service of the city administration.

April 25 at 02:30 in Irkutsk was born 600000th resident — Andrew Voronchihin, his height 52 cm, weight 3 kilos 710 grams. Mom baby Julia Voronchikhina — Employee of the public sector, Dad, Gennady Voronchihin — Designer. Andrew — the second child in the family, he has an older sister Xenia, which 2 years 8 months.

Happy parents congratulated the mayor of Irkutsk Viktor Kondrashov and chairman of the City Council Andrew Labygin. The city authorities have decided to give 600000th from Irkutsk-bedroom apartment in a new building on the street of Karl Liebknecht.

Viktor Kondrashov, the mayor of Irkutsk:
— The last two months, knowing that the population of Irkutsk is about to approach the 600 thousandth mark, we conducted daily monitoring of how many children were born in the city, how many people have moved to a permanent place of residence. Late last night learned that the figure is closer to the desired level and the first baby born on April 25, will be the 600000th from Irkutsk.

The mayor also said that the city administration will appeal to the deputies with a proposal to give each apartment 50000th from Irkutsk. As theAndrew Labygin, City Council will certainly support this initiative.

According to the press service of the administration of Irkutsk

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