In Ivangorod (Leningrad region). Renovated opened children’s and adult clinics

For the repair and purchase of equipment for the children's and adult outpatient departments Ivangorod was sent nearly 27 million.

According to 47News, the press service Kingiseppe municipal area, to repair children's clinic building was in poor condition — as a result of subsidence of the foundation cracks on the walls. After the project is approved overhaul facility in reinforced foundation walls strengthened by the use of metal belts, repaired the roof, replaced windows and doors. Currently, the building has a new fire alarm system, replaced by a system of cold and hot water, heating and sanitation.

In addition, the children's clinic is now working X-ray study. The new equipment will significantly improve the quality of medical specialists, will provide new opportunities for diagnostic studies, which will increase the detection of disease in the early stages of the disease.

The building adult clinic was held redecorating the premises specialists replaced window units, systems engineering services.

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