In Ivano-Frankivsk region enacted a fourth mini-hydro

The village Proboynovka Verkhovynsky district opened micro-hydro "Probiynivska plant number 2" power of 182.4 kW. Every year he's going to produce 1 million kW / h. electricity, according to the government portal. 

Hydroelectric power plant by 90% in line with European standards: made modern ribohid providing continuous pass i fish migration, elektrogradientnogo fish protection system is installed, all processes are automated.

On the local rural community leader hydroelectric signed an agreement on social and economic partnership and in 2010 paid a village budget of 1.3 million USD. taxes.

On today Probiynivska plant — the fourth put into operation a small hydroelectric power plant in the area. Prior to that in the region there are three small hydropower plants, two of them — and Snyatynska Zolotolipsku — was restored. In 2012, the Carpathian mini-hydro generated about 5 million kW / h. electricity.

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