In Ivanov opened a new production of concrete products

August 14 GC "SU-155" opened after reconstruction new concrete production

The opening of the new production will "SU-155" shorten the construction of houses and building in the Ivanovo area of 200 thousand square meters. meters of housing per year. Currently, about as introduced into operation all the builders in the region.

The new production opened in the first phase of modernization.The amount of investment in production in two phases of 160 million, by far disbursed 80 million. 

Alterations made in a short time and without interruption. The modernization released and rebuilt production facilities for the new rebar plant. Been replaced four bridge cranes. In the near future the company will be reconstructed mixing plant. To date, complete equipment installation, commissioning made production lines forming and reinforcing shops. In August of this year, a modern, high-performance line started manufacturing the first production batch, the press service of the regional government.

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