In Iyichevck port reconstructed southern spur of fencing


SE "Illichivskiy sea trading port" was act of putting into operation the southern spurs fencing. Overhaul of hydraulic structure will allow the company to carry out the dredging of the approach channel to 17 meters.

Reconstruction of the southern spurs fencing lasted one and a half years and was completed in August 2011. During the construction works has been completely restored spur construction of the "revetment", produced by the operation of concreting and welding reinforced building elements, sinus backfilled with gravel, installed reinforced concrete superstructure, plate and Seawall.

The technical condition of the southern and northern spurs will in the future provide the port approach channel to 17 meters. At the same time, experts SCPI studying the possibility of increasing its depth of 20 meters.

Reference: SE "Illichivskiy sea trading port" — an international port, the largest port on the Black Sea, was founded in 1958 on the basis of the cargo area of the Odessa port. Has manufacturing facilities that allow transshipment of more than 30 million tons of cargo a year.
South fencing spur SCPI is located on the south side of the input (output) port gate and one of the first of his buildings. Spurs port (North and South) are designed to improve the wave regime in the approach channel and port basin, in order to avoid heavy silting of the bottom caused by coastal currents and to protect the port from abrasion.
South fencing spur is a strategic target Iljichiovsk as playing a key role in ensuring the work is not only Ilyichevsky sea port, but all businesses maritime complex located in the basin of Dry estuary.

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