In Japanese temple dog will learn to pray

In Japanese temple dog nauchilii prayChihuahua has become a popular attraction in the temple Jigenin on Okinawa.
Okinawa Dzhoei Ioshikuni before the altar.

Looking directly at the statue of a Buddhist deity. When the priest begins to pray and raise clasped hands, Conan also raises his paws and brings them together at the tip of the nose.

Visitors to the temple are watching everything going on with curiosity, amazement, and then with admiration and joy!

Conan started to get up in the prayer position whenever wanted a treat, — says the priest of the temple Dzhoei Ioshikuni. — Compression of the hands — is the main action of the Buddhist, to show gratitude. Maybe, he says thank you for the food and walks. "

— What he does is so much fun — says 71-year-old Kazuko Oshiro, who visits the temple for more than 25 years. — He gets angry when somebody else sits on his favorite spot.

Conan became so famous that people come to see and photograph it from a distance. But beyond that, people come and pray.

Estimated Ioshikuni through doggie church attendance has increased by 30 percent.

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