In June, will begin construction in Kazan Scientific Center for Drug Development

In June in Kazan started to work on construction research and education center for the development of innovative medicines. This was told by the deputy director of the Chemical Institute. Butlerova CFI project manager Yuri Shtyrlin.

Center, which will be held, including clinical trials of new drugs, will be located in an unfinished at the time of the building on the street. Paris Commune, 9. For the reconstruction and equipping of the building will allocate 145 million rubles. You also need to purchase a scientific and technological equipment for a few hundred million rubles.

"It is expected that the center will be operational in 2013", —  Shtyrlin said. Creating a research and education center is planned in the framework of the federal program for the development of the medical and pharmaceutical industry for the period 2020 — "Pharma-2020", approved in February 2011. Under this program, the Russian scientists have developed 97 innovative medicines — in Kazan is already 11 such projects.

It is planned that during the three years to open another research center and pilot production to create drugs — under the "Pharma 2020" on it is allocated 899 million rubles.

Recall, April 17 in Kazan meeting between President of RT Minnikhanov and Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation Arkady Dvorkovich with representatives of the movement "Youth Eight" the head of state spoke about the urgent need to establish research centers in Tatarstan, and Dvorkovich among the most promising sectors of Russian industry then called the pharmacy.

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