In Kaliningrad, built a large feed mill

In Krasnoznamensky built near Kaliningrad feed mill. Currently, it is being commissioned work.

The new production will create 80 new jobs for local residents. When reaching the maximum production volume during the four years it is planned to create more than 200 additional jobs.

Construction of feed mill capacity of 221 thousand tons of finished products per year and elevator at 80 tons, using its own agricultural production by LLC "BaltAgroKorm." The company is included in the register of SEZ residents. The cost of the project is 3.5 billion rubles.

Used in the construction of the plant high-tech equipment is unique for its sophisticated, has no analogues in the world and is innovative in its characteristics.

The project aims to meet the needs of the Kaliningrad region and the North-West region of the market of feed for poultry farms, cattle and pig farms, fur farming facilities. 

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