In Kaliningrad factory Amber laid the unique kosohodny icebreaker

On the Baltic Shipyard "Yantar" 67th birthday shipyard noted memorable event — laid the ship on the new project. Kosohodny icebreaker will be able to cut through a channel of fifty meters, which is two and a half times the width of his body.

It is an asymmetrical hull icebreaker and three azimuth thrusters will be his feature, and will provide an opportunity to move the ice actually lateral move. The ship will be able to cut through a channel of 50 meters, which is two and a half times the width of his body. For the Gulf, through which all the year round is handling oil products, this is especially true.

Sergey Gorelik, DEPUTY HEAD OF THE FEDERAL AGENCY Maritime and River Transport RUSSIA: "It is for the Gulf of Finland is an increase in transshipment of oil products, large tankers, 150000th have a width of 40 meters. And innovative ship has the ability to run a channel width of 50 meters, allowing you to safely make an entry of such tankers. "

The ship will be able to help in case of emergencies in the ice. Speed kosohodnogo icebreaker is 14 knots.

Pedro Luis Cesar, SENIOR PROJECT BUILDER: "There is nothing like such ships are not built. This alarm vessel, which should serve as a gathering of oil spills in emergency, as it is towed, icebreaking vessel. "

Appears here and equipment for environmental monitoring. But it will be engaged in the installation of the Scandinavian company has experts who will have to finish building the ship. An innovative project developed in Finland.

Alexander Konovalov, IO DIRECTOR GENERAL Shipyard "Yantar", "Our aim body to do its best to saturate. Moreover, we are at an early stage with the Finnish colleagues agreed that part of the work we will continue to perform in Finland. Already made lists about 50 of our experts will go there. "

Dmitry Mironenko, vice president of JSC "United Shipbuilding Corporation": "I am glad the heart of what we are on the stocks, where so many orders. We understand that the plant has to load before 2016. We clearly believe that all orders will be fulfilled on time. "

The main shipbuilding work on "amber" will last until March next year. Finally pass kosohodny icebreaker customer — Rosmorrechflot shipbuilders have by the end of 2013.

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