In Kaliningrad, opened the museum shipyard Lod yard


In ancient Friedrichsburg gate — Division of Kaliningrad Museum of the World Ocean — opened Lodeynoe yard.

The new building is a first in the field of restoration laboratory and museum shipyard, where the eyes of the public will be to build the traditional means of transportation on water. 

 At the opening of Lodeynoye court in the new exhibition hall presented two shows at once. The exhibition "build a boat" clearly represents both the individual elements can be assembled watercraft.

The exhibition shows the traditional means of movement of peoples of Russia — sailing and rowing boats from the Museum of the World Ocean, the elements of equipment, accessories for fishing and hunting products. The exhibits tell about the history of the traditional domestic shipbuilding industry, the emergence of which contributed to the discovery of new lands, the development of new territories.

Exhibition "Shipboard resurrection," prepared by the museum together with the magazine about the underwater world, "Neptune — 21". Famous underwater photographers submitted 20 impressive pictures of the 11 sea areas of the planet — from the cold waters of the Barents Sea to the tropical seas. First Kaliningrad public will see underwater footage of the lost on the bottom, famous in the history of our ships.

"Shipboard resurrection" is also the museum exhibits. As told in the museum, marine equipment, parts of buildings, anchors, utensils and tools ship XVII-XVIII centuries were discovered on Russian ships — sailing frigate "Oleg," Battleship "Gangut" imperial yacht "Livadia, more than 200 years ago, participated in the hostilities.

The exhibition gakabortnye lights, weapons, utensils and other items found on the ships sunk during World War II. And also — the only one in Russia replica diving equipment XVIII century, invented and constructed by Efim Nikonov.


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