In Kaliningrad there was a 3-D library

In the village of Domnovo Pravdinsky District Central Library re-opened, which acquired the status of a model.

-By "model" we understand the current level of the library with full technical equipment necessary to perform all of its functions, — explained the director of the Agency for Youth Tatyana Vasilyeva. — The idea is that each administrative center was developed library infrastructure. Especially where there are schools, kindergartens, cultural centers. Gradually, we will give all the libraries in the order.

According to the regional program on modernization of libraries Pravdinskoye district last year allocated 200,000 rubles. The same number were Guryevsky and Krasnoznamenskij areas.

Domnovo considered "reading" the village: from 500 of the 900 residents recorded in the library. 190 of them — the children, they first tried out innovations. Library thoroughly prepared for the upgrade. It managed to make repairs, there was phone, old windows replaced with double-glazed windows. Were purchased new books, book collection now exceeded eight million units.
— We absolutely nothing. No technology, no equipment. All this is purchased at the regional money. This is a very big event, not only for us but also for the area! After all, the children come to us from other villages — said library director Svetlana Maltsev. — Now, people can not only get high quality access to information, but just take your time.

The model library is equipped with multimedia equipment. There are computers, cameras, projector and stereo system. Now visitors can go online, print out the information, view the slides and videos. It also added a fax and copy machine.

— We often go here. Take a book on the school curriculum and a variety of stories for themselves. Cooking notes here — told us schoolgirl Lisa Beloborodova. — It has become better and much more convenient. We are very interested! And others began to go more often.

Especially popular with the youngest readers are directly associated with the appearance of books. In addition to new books, rasklodushek, familiar to many from his childhood, there igroknigi, various puzzles and even 3D-books that can be read and viewed with special glasses.

As the Minister of Culture Svetlana Kondratyev, to complete repairs this year Domnovo additional funds. Overall, in 2013 the creation of model libraries will spend 2.4 million rubles, the money will be in ten districts.

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