In Kalmykia build the region’s first meat-processing complex closed-loop

To date, the object "meat-processing complex for slaughtering and primary processing of livestock," finished device pile field, deployed solution-batching plant, completed work on pouring the floor plate, begun installation of the columns.
Produced and paid on contracts for the manufacture of custom equipment slaughtering, boning, processing by-products. Completed tender to select a supplier for the complex for fattening cattle.

Meat-processing complex in Ketchenerovsky area will be the first in the territory of Kalmykia, a complex of closed cycle for fattening, slaughtering and processing of cattle. The technology provides, in addition to the production of beef, food and pharmaceutical extraction of collagen, as well as recycling of waste into biogas.

Construction leads a group of companies "Prodcontract." The cost of the project amounts to 3,420 million rubles. 

The complex will include a number of objects:

— plant for slaughtering and primary processing of livestock;

— complex for fattening cattle;

complex processing of raw hides and collagen;

— production and trade and logistics center.

Capacity of the complex will amount to 300 head of cattle a day. The investor plans to supply the Russian market to 20 tonnes of boneless beef per year.

Raw materials for processing will be purchased from local farmers as well as grow in their own fattening complexes such as "feedlots".

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