In Kalmykia, started the construction of agro-

Agricultural holding "marbled meat Kalmykia" started construction of its first feeding complex for several thousand head of cattle.

It is planned to build five such complexes. The total cost of the project exceeds three billion rubles.

Told reporters CEO Bator Aduchiev, agricultural holding "marbled meat Kalmykia" started construction of the first of five feeding centers in the region. The complex is designed for 5860 goals, its cost — 330 million rubles. The total cost of the project is estimated at 3.35 billion rubles.

Beef production in the work of the complex will include four phases: the reproduction of calves, fattening calves, processing and distribution. At present, the forces holding is designing the first "otkormochnika" and the fence area of plot area of 140 hectares. Initially planned to build five buildings covered by 2,000 head, then — open canopy length of 396 m

According Aduchieva, Russia has seen a boom in the construction of fattening complexes that are "factory to produce weight gain." Holding plans to cooperate with all loudspeakers young cattle Kalmykia. Feed it will supply five farms: JSC "October 50", JSC "East", OAO "Jangar-1", OAO "Shatta" and OAO "Sarpa".

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