In Kamensk-Ural opened a new viaduct, built as part of a cluster of pipe

Commissioning of the bridge construction has provided uninterrupted accessibility of the Northern village, and the northern industrial hub, which in addition to "Sinarsky Tube Works" includes a number of enterprises.

Opening of the new overpass — the beginning of the first phase of construction of the northern bypass of the city. This object is not only important for the project to create a tube cluster, but for all Kamentsev who already feel the convenience of movement on this side of town.

Memorandum on the establishment on the basis of "SinTZ" industrial park "Sinarsky" was signed in June of this year. Today there are already 9 residents.

It is planned that the number of residents in the cluster will be increased to 25. Deadline — 2018.


The implementation of the project is an example of an integrated approach to the implementation of the industrial policy, both in the region and in the country, opens up broad prospects for the development of industrial and social spheres of Kamenska Ural.

For the development of the industrial site and join the land required the construction of production facilities, as well as summing utilities to free sites. Total investment for the development of 160 acres can be up to 8 billion rubles.


The project is an overpass over the railway line was developed pipe manufacturers in 2007, but plans to build a crisis intervened, and build a much needed bridge factory workers, because of the lack of people who stood for hours in a traffic jam in the morning, five years ago failed.

New life to the idea of building an overpass gave the federal program of modernization of company towns in which Kamensk-received funds to establish the pipe cluster on the basis of "SinTZ", which came in and design a new bridge.

The construction of the bridge length of 65 meters and a width of 14 meters has been allocated a budget loan of 426 million rubles.

The head of the investment advisory and project appraisal company towns of the Department of Regional Policy "Vnesheconombank" Ilya Krivogova, members of the working group of the Government of the Russian Federation for the support of one-company towns were in Kamensk-Ural exactly a year ago. "We are then on the way to the factory moved crossing quite a long time and saw a poster that next year there will be a bridge. And, to be honest, not much believe in it. The fact that the government fulfilled its obligations is well worth it. And we will certainly consider all the new projects submitted by Kamensky-Ural, I think you could do it, "- said the representative of the Government Group.

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