In Karelia, completed construction of a plant for the production of OSB board

The new plant "DOC" Kalevala "for the production of oriented strand board (OSB) is constructed near the village of Straw in the city of Petrozavodsk. The factory area more than 60,000 square meters. Investment in the construction of the first stage were about 180-190 million euros.

The project implements a Russian investor — St. Petersburg construction company ZAO "Compact".

The foundation stone was laid enterprise 2 years ago. The first stage in the pre-adjustment mode is planned for later this year   

  • the factory has the most advanced equipment
  • the factory has the most advanced equipment


Completed construction works, assembled all the main shops and the energy center, on-site equipment is being installed, started landscaping.

The plant will produce 250-300 thousand cubic meters of slabs per year. Most of it was built with the second phase of the project, which is scheduled for launch in 2014. After entering the second phase of a total annual production capacity will reach more than 500,000 cubic meters of tiles.

The company plans to create 300 new jobs, with the introduction of the second phase of their number will increase. To date, 80 people work here, is actively continuing recruitment of technical staff and specialists working trades. Part of the future plant workers will be trained in Germany, where there is a similar technology enterprise.

The new company should contribute to the development of the construction industry in Russia, first of all, a low-budget panel-frame housing. It is also planned that the plant's products will be sold in the markets of furniture and packaging.

For the main supplier of equipment — a German company Siempelkamp, which has extensive experience in implementing similar projects around the world — "DOC" Kalevala "was the first in Russia. According to Russian experts, the plant is equipped with the most modern and advanced equipment which will enable the production of different types of particle board.

In addition, he will become the first Russian company, which will produce boards OSB-4, used in the construction industry as a heavy-duty structures in conditions of high humidity.

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