In Karelia opened a new ski center

A boon not only for professional athletes, but for all lovers of sports and healthy lifestyle was the opening on February 9 in the village of Spasskaya Guba Kondopozhsky area of the new ski center.

History of the Saviour's lips as the ski center dates back to 1964, when the forces of the teachers and students of the Karelian State Pedagogical Institute here has been prepared base for teaching and training work, competition in cross country skiing, alpine skiing, ski jumping from the springboard. In addition to the training of the students served as a training base of the strongest skiers of Karelia and the conduct of national and Russian competitions.

In modern Russian history mountainside in Spasskaya Guba owned clubs skiers. Over the last 16 years caring for the descent ski club members «Lumi». On their initiative were built lift and a guest house, and for those who want to ride equipment is provided. These students often come Kondopozhsky Center for Children and Youth Tourism, held New Year holidays, celebrated Day of the skier.

In recent years, the ski slopes near Spasskaya Guba and Lake Munozero highly appreciated by experts and were considered suitable for the construction of a new sports center. Reconstruction of the complex held private company Ski Center "Spasskaya Guba". After completion of the work here has appeared five runs, designed for athletes of different levels — from professionals to amateurs. Also at the expense of the investor is equipped with parking, a cafe and a road was built to the point of hire, which was moved to the top of the track.

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