In Karelia opened section of the highway A-121 Sortavala St. Petersburg — Petrozavodsk

October 1 Lahdenpohsky region of Karelia opening ceremony of the new section of highway A-121 "Sortavala".

Construction of the road "Sortavala" a total length of 190 kilometers is included in the Federal Target Program "Development of transport system of Russia (2010-2015)".

The new section of road length of approximately 10.5 kilometers built in eighteen months dorozhnikami JSC "VAD" (St. Petersburg) in collaboration with the Karelian enterprises of JSC "Karelstroimekhanizatsiya", LLC "EPS" and LLC "Seversvyazstroy."


The implementation of this ambitious project is important not only for Lahdenpohja and Sortavalsky areas, but also for the whole economy of Karelia. It will ensure the growth of freight and passenger traffic on international routes, will promote the international automobile check points "Syväoro" and "Wärtsilä", production capacity for the extraction of natural resources, eco-tourism in the North Lake Ladoga.

During the construction of a modern bridge was built across the river Asilanyoki, performed all over the arrangement, installed traffic signs and signaling and barrier fencing, friendly new bus stop, installed storm drainage eliminated two of its intersection with the railroad tracks, built a branch to the settlements of Kulikovo, Hiitola, Azel and Tiurula.


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