In Karelia, opened the first of the five fire-chemical stations of type III

December 15 at Petrozavodsk opened fire and chemical plant type III, the first of five that will be before the end of 2011 in Karelia.

Contracts for the supply of equipment have been concluded with "Onega Tractor Plant" LLC, "Vladimir motorotraktorny Plant", JSC "Cheboksary Industrial Tractor Plant", JSC "Pozhtekhnika", OJSC "KAMAZ", OAO "Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant".

Total delivered to the republic 10 crawler tractors, 10 bulldozers, wheel tractors with 5 forest fire equipment, 24 fire trucks, 15 firefighters firefighting modules based on the UAZ vehicle and tractor. All 65 units of modern forest fire appliances have been sent to the input to the system of fire-technical station.

Latest Machine KAMAZ and GAZ, tractor, wheel tractor, equipped with a motor pump and water tank 2 tons, were presented to the guests who attended the opening of the station. Deliveries of equipment carried out in the course of the fire season, and because technology is often a wheel off for the extinguishing of forest fires.

Fire-chemical plant type III part of the system of forest fire protection. In addition, the system includes operating in the forestry PHS type I, where there is a fire-fighting equipment, and PHS II type created by fire hazardous period. Fire-technical station of type III allow you to quickly respond to emerging threats to the forest, not only in the areas where are located. This station interregional cooperation. Each of them controls the forests of several districts.

Open today fire-chemical plant type III is responsible for fighting forest fires in Prionezhsky, Pryazha, Olonetsky and Kondopozhsky areas. The station is equipped with modern fire-fighting tools, communications and global navigation system. At the opening ceremony of the station was presented an early detection of forest fires, which consists of 19 cameras mounted on towers of one of the mobile operators. Each camera allows the operator to observe the circle with a radius of 20 km. Moreover, there is the possibility of increasing the species, to the extent that it is possible to fix the number of the car, so the camera will be used not only for the preservation of forests from fires, but also to prevent illegal logging.

Camera images are transmitted to the forest, where they are installed in the Ministry of Environment and Ecology of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the North-West base of forest fire protection.

At the opening of fire and chemical plants were also presented made by order of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology new notices and banners that with the start of the fire season of 2012 will be posted throughout the Republic. Sold out shows at the owner of the forest — a bear, he recalls the rules to be observed while in the woods. Whether you're fishing, hunting, or simply on vacation, you should follow a simple rule: do not burn fires, do not leave broken glass and cigarette butts outstanding.

Because of all the Russian Karelia region has the longest border with the European Union, a new "visual propaganda" performed by Russian and English. Total the following year in the forests of Karelia will be a maximum of 2 notices.

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