In Kasimov (Ryazan region). Opened a new maternity hospital

September 17, 860-day anniversary of Qasimova held the opening ceremony of the new maternity inter-municipal complex.

Construction of a new model of maternity homes in the Central Regional Hospital in Kasimov was launched in 2010. Its structure includes obstetric hospital with beds for intensive care of women and newborns to 40 seats and antenatal clinic for 150 visits per shift. The total construction cost was 256 million rubles. For the new maternity hospital bought modern equipment worth more than 15 million rubles. 


The commissioning of the inter-municipal maternity center in the region Kasimov completing the construction of a three-tier system of obstetric care. All institutions are divided into three levels of complexity of medical services: I level — maternity hospitals in the districts (13), where women give birth without pathologies, II level — inter-municipal maternity hospitals (4), where women come with minor problems, and Level III — Perinatal Center, where decisions are difficult childbirth.

 Data for all who were registered lying-in women are in a single database remote obstetric consultation center, opened on the basis of the perinatal center. Doctors maternity Level I and II have the opportunity to consult complex patients with video over the Internet with the experts of the perinatal center. 

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