In Kazan Centre opened accreditation and issue uniform of the Universiade

In Kazan Centre opened accreditation and issue uniform of the Universiade Today in Kazan, in the exhibition center "Kazan Fair" opened a Center for granting accreditation and uniforms of the XXVII World Summer Universiade 2013 in Kazan. 

In the center, a specially equipped in one of the pavilions of EC "Kazan Fair", all conditions for comfortable passing accreditation and to obtain identification documents for staff, volunteers, employees, contractors, and other client groups.

The Chief of Staff — Deputy Director General of the Executive Directorate, "Kazan 2013" Larisa Sulima called the opening of the center historical event. She said that the accreditation documents here — on schedule — get the Games organizing committee members, staff, volunteers, artists, judges, journalists, doctors, law enforcement officers — more than 60,000 people. There will also be organized by the issuance of more than 31.5 thousand sets of uniforms for different categories of staff, volunteers and judges.

In March — April 2013 accredited members of the organizing committee will be held, representatives of public authorities and agencies of the Republic of Tajikistan, the staff of ANO "Executive Board" Kazan 2013 ", volunteers, representatives of the administrations of universities and colleges in May — the staff, volunteers, doctors, law enforcement officials and actors. In June — July Accreditation badges will be able to journalists, judges, contractors, law enforcement officials, guests of the organizing committee, volunteers from the regions of Russia and abroad. Athletes and members of official delegations of countries — participants of the 2013 Universiade are accredited by the International Information Center in the Universiade Village.

It is worth noting Accreditation Center covers an area of 1,012 square meters. m It is divided into several zones: the welcome area of official delegations, the area of accreditation, the zone of issue uniforms, etc. A special place in the heart of occupied zones associated with the service of volunteers. Here, 20,000 volunteers receive Student Games accreditation badge, a set of souvenirs, a sim card from the general partner of the Games and a bank card.

Bank card of the general partner of the Universiade volunteers provide a number of benefits and discounts. Larisa Sulima said that the bank card will receive all categories of accredited persons, as it is in the presentation of the badge will ensure passage through the terminals and access control points. Furthermore, the card contains a transport application, and can be used as means of payment. "For the first time Kazan committee uses as accreditation badge and a map with the transport application with banking services", — said Larisa Sulima.

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