In Kazan, opened the largest logistics terminal

Freight forwarding company "Business Line" opened on the territory of Technopolis "Himgrad" (Kazan), a new logistics terminal area of 4.5 thousand square meters. m and a capacity of 100 thousand tons per year. Clients' Business lines "in" Himgrad "will be more than 200 residents of the Technopolis — small and medium-sized businesses, operating in the field of polymer processing and fine chemical products.

To date, multifunctional logistics complex of "Business Line" in Technopolis "Himgrad" — is the largest general cargo terminal in Kazan and one of the most modern logistics centers in the Volga region.  

The terminal is located on the outskirts of the city near the federal highway M7, has 12 gates driveways, and parking for 300 cars. The layout of the terminal can receive and send goods without storing them in the area of long-term storage (Cross-Docking System). Loading and unloading of vehicles "Business Lines" is separate from the gate, which enables customers to easily take and receive shipments. Storage facilities are equipped with fire safety systems, security alarms, video surveillance on the perimeter of the building.

 The new logistics terminal have a free internal layout. Each box is equipped with a molded sectional doors with wicket gate at the rate of 1 400 square meters. m of water supply and sanitation, separate power supply distributor.
"The discovery of high-tech terminal at Technopolis" Himgrad "will not only optimize the system of transport and logistics services Kazan, but also a positive impact on the development of the transport infrastructure of the region, — says General Director of OOO" Business Line "Farid Madani. — High-quality equipment, a fundamentally new approach to customer service, ease of operations will bring the logistics market of the Volga region to the next level. "
Logistic Terminal in Technopolis "Himgrad" became the second representative forwarding company "Business Line" in Kazan. The company has managed to gain the trust of the region: in 2011, "Business Line" topped the rating of the publication "Business district", becoming a leader in the freight market Kazan for the year.
"The emergence of a" Himgrad "logistic terminal, in addition to convenience for residents to decrease the costs associated with the transportation of raw materials and finished products. "Business Line" — one of the few companies in the Russian market, carrying out services in the transport of cargo to the highest level. Working with professionals, we strive to provide the most comfortable conditions of the organization of production in our industrial area ", — said the manager of Technopolis" Himgrad "Ayrat Gizzatullin.

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