In Kazan, opened the passenger station

In Railroad Day in Kazan opened the second passenger train station. Transport hub "Kazan-2" was built on the site of "protracted" — and did not complete the station, which had been built since the mid 60's of the last century.

Construction of the new terminal complex, combining suburban and long-distance rail, intercity bus and urban transport, it took only 14 months. Creating a transport hub cost the company "Russian Railways" at 1.1 billion rubles.

In the passenger terminal area of 7890 square meters, there are a waiting room for 600 people, the ticket hall, storage, registration and self-service terminals, cafe, toilets. Hall bus station is designed for 75 passengers.

Through the "Kazan-2" in the new chart is followed by 11 transit passenger long-distance trains and 7 prigrodnyh trains. At night station serves 520 passengers distance trains and 550 commuters. As a result of the transfer of the flow on the "Kazan-2" seriously unloaded station "Kazan", located in the heart of the capital of Tatarstan.

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