In Kazan State opened the federal Center of Nuclear Medicine

In Kazan Center of Nuclear Medicine is a new building and is equipped with modern equipment. Now doctors in the Center will be able to see even the smallest tumor, and in some cases, be treated without surgery.


On the computer, like a puzzle, made up the human body. Heart, esophagus, the red dot — a dangerous tumor. At the Center of Nuclear Medicine with modern equipment create accurate three-dimensional model of the affected tissues. This allows only irradiated tumor cells without affecting the whole body.

"This radiator can be moved in relation to patient depending on the desired position. Universally table too mechanized, it allows the patient to bed and clearly guarantees very precise beam delivering a beam of radiation directly to the tumor," — says Oleg head of the clinic radiotherapy Morov.

For Alexander Zubov linear accelerator — a real salvation. With his diabetes and heart problems doctors ordered surgery. But by the ultra-precision radiation therapy was contraindicated.

In the center there are new opportunities for the treatment of tumors of the thyroid gland. The patient receives a radioactive iodine, it captures the sick cell is irradiated from the inside and dies.

Department of radionuclide therapy will soon take its first patients. Here thyroid cancer will cure without surgical intervention. Until that time, this was only possible in Obninsk, and had to wait in line for about a year. After a week of therapy the patient is in complete isolation, so in the House of blind windows and its own ventilation.  

Opening an office positron emission tomography doctors, perhaps waiting for the most. The new equipment allows us to diagnose cancer at its earliest stages. In the early diagnosis of tumors in the center used a special method of scanning. The patient is administered a safe radioactive substance on the basis of glucose — a marker, it is made here in the center.

"Tumor cells take in glucose several times, and when glucose labeled with a radioactive substance in the tumor cell is, a radioactive substance several times more. When the patient is scanned with the help of special devices, we see this cage" — explains the Deputy Chief of Clinical diagnosis of oncological clinic of Tatarstan Refat Kurtasanov.

Nuclear Center was built two years, and finally it is fully staffed. 6,000 patients a year — 6000 new hopes and lives saved.

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