In Kazan, the launch of the foam-rubber factory group of companies Aegis

In the Kirov district of Kazan officially launched the production plant of flexible polyurethane foam (foam rubber) group of companies "Aegis". The main consumer products, "Aegis" — furniture, mattress and automotive manufacturers as well as manufacturers of household goods.

The new production of polyurethane foam is the largest in Russia. Its capacity is 16 thousand tons per year, the possibility to increase this figure.


Investing in new production totaled 1.15 billion rubles. The best part — it's credit funds provided by the "Alfa-Bank" (about 800 million)

The group of companies "Aegis" is working on the Russian market since 1992. The basis of her work is the realization of raw materials for manufacturers of upholstered furniture, mattresses, leather goods, as well as for the automotive and aviation industries. In 2000, a group of companies launched in Kazan line to produce foam.


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