In KBKhA (Voronezh) completed the creation of a rocket engine RD0124A

August 27 to test complex KBKhA successfully held last fire test of a new oxygen-kerosene rocket engine RD0124A program interdepartmental tests (MVI).

MVI essentially a surrender of a new rocket engine of the state commission, which includes representatives of the head of the customer, the relevant ministries, agencies and organizations in the industry.

From July 16 to August 27, all have been three fire tests of the engine program MVI. After working without any problems on the stand allotted time, the LRE RD0124A fully confirmed the desired characteristics set the terms of reference for its development.

Liquid rocket engine development and production RD0124A KBKhA intended for use as part of the universal rocket module URM-2 family of space launch vehicles "Angara" development Khrunichev. MV Khrunichev.

Successful interagency test engine RD0124A offer direct route to its flight tests as part of the rocket in 2014.

Performance characteristics of the new engine here —

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