In Kemerovo opened shop on disposal of mercury-containing waste

In Kemerovo opened a special shop for recycling rtutsodezhaschih lamps. Equipment demercurization made in Dubna, Moscow Region.
A built-in special installation RLC-2M demercurization principle, allows the device to operate in a typical workplace without the organization of the sanitary protection zone. Today processed the first 150 energy-saving bulbs burned out. And they have to queue for more than seven thousand. So many lamps accumulated for disposal. Recall that the lamps, spent his life began to take from the public in March. At first, they were received in the mobile collection point. Today the city has over 30 fixed points. For convenience kemerovchan all located in major department stores and shopping centers.

In addition to energy saving and mercury lamps of all types of the equipment can be disposed of mercury-containing devices, mercury amalgams, construction and other materials contaminated with mercury. Condensed inside the unit mercury in special containers are transported to Novosibirsk for this contract with an organization that takes a dangerous metal.

Experts confirm that processing of products containing mercury, is completely safe for kemerovchan.

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