In KGNTS OCD completed the project Arctic-guard

In Krylovskaya State Research Centre has completed the next phase of development work "Arctic Sentinel."The purpose of the work performed under a state contract with the Ministry of Industry of the Russian Federation within the framework of the Federal Program "Development of civil marine engineering" is to create an integrated system of monitoring of emergency situations in the areas of development of hydrocarbon deposits on the Arctic shelf using automated mobile and stationary measuring systems.


In collaboration with co-authors — FGBU Institute of Defense and Emergencies JSC "Scientific Instruments," Krylov Research Center was developed conceptual design of an integrated control system, including the description:

  • functional circuits, the composition and characteristics of the system;
  • expected to use the detection of accidental releases of hazardous chemical substances, including oil spills and discharges of sewage from ships and platforms, and destruction of structural elements platforms and other hydraulic structures;
  • data acquisition subsystem and operational data;
  • subsystem ensuring that operational decisions in forecasting and emergency situations.

After completion of the design and manufacture a prototype of an integrated system of control of emergencies planned its trial operation in one area of the Arctic shelf.

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