In Kiev, a blind girl saw the light

We have all heard about the miracles that took place somewhere and sometime. But miracles are performed today: at the end of 2012 in the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra near miraculous icon of the Mother of God "Vsetsaritsa" seen the light Blinded girl (Church of All Venerable Fathers of the Caves). Israeli and Ukrainian doctors confirm the miracle, stressing that a diagnosis of "swelling of the optic nerve," a person can not see anything. With such a diagnosis is assigned a disability level 1, and the medicine is powerless to fix something. Lena Melnichenko has helped wonderfully Holy Mother of God — not somewhere and sometime, but here and now.

  • Lena Melnichenko the icon "Vsetsaritsa"
  • Lena Melnichenko the icon "Vsetsaritsa"

Lena Melnichenko the icon "Vsetsaritsa"

Regularly attending prayers to the Most Holy Mother of God of the icon "Vsetsaritsa" Elena Melnichenko felt glimpses of near icons. Suddenly, during a prayer service vision has improved significantly — Elena saw the icon, a priest and even a speck of dust in the sun! Although according to doctors, the visual apparatus with such a disease can not transmit signals to the brain.

Infinite joy of healing changed many years the burden blinded at age 12 girls. From the birth of Lena was perfectly healthy, but at 12 years of swelling of the optic nerve is completely deprived teenager vision and hearing. At a time when peers Lena finishing school, determined with future careers, poured into a violent and fun student life, made first steps in life, she was going through despair, fear, physical pain and depression. Kaleidoscope of youthful joy of life has changed conveyor surgeries, tests, inspections … The verdict of doctors gave up hope: the treatment is not possible, the vision can not be restored. Full childhood girl suddenly became physically limited, and she had to learn to live again. Support for parents, loyal friends and school teachers helped to adapt and do not despair. Finishing high school at home, Lena was looking for help from God, pilgrimages to holy places in search of healing. And doctors in Kiev all ranks simply refused to treat her. But Lena and her mother, Natalya Petrovna, for several years prevented his daze give up and despair, looking for a way out, asking tips and advice from the ministers of the Orthodox Church — and found: Lena advised to pray before the icon "Vsetsaritsa" in the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra (Church of All Venerable Fathers of the Caves).

Visits prayers at the icon during the year were accompanied by flashes of near miraculous image: Woman in the surrounding darkness caused by the swelling of the optic nerve, manifested troubled spots of light (always in the same place) — giving hope that the verdict of doctors is not final . Lena felt that it comes from something miraculous. But by divine help put Lena also terrestrial human effort: visit prayers were regular. And during the year vision slowly returned. Attempts to recover at or be healed in another holy place did not help, missing prayers, too, were negative.

Israeli doctors, seeing the MRI blind man who had seen them and vaguely Lena, were surprised that there was an improvement, and recognized the miracle, saying: medicine in this case was absolutely powerless.

  • Lena Melnichenko
  • Lena Melnichenko

Lena Melnichenko

Hoping and praying six months passed, and suddenly I saw Lena: in spots — the icon, which depicts the Blessed Virgin Mary seated on a throne with the Child on her left hand. Returned vision allowed the girl to see the outside world again, use a computer, remember and repeat themselves passed down the street, and even the way to learn English. In early January 2013 suddenly opened and hearing. That is the New Year and Christmas holidays for her were the same joy as it is for all of its peers, friends and former classmates, have a family.

Close friends of the family Melnichenko, the faithful rejoiced what they see it every pebble. They initially believed the miracle of enlightenment. Lena herself thinks that the Blessed Mother of God heard her prayers, and prays her every day. As a child, Lena did not go to church, but now his family said: "Faith — above all, help is available only in the temple."

Prayers are held every day at 13:00, except on Sundays. "Vsetsaritsa" in the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra helped and helps so many people, and everyone is happy his miracle of healing from illness, whether mental illness, tuberculosis, women's diseases, cancer, infertility and other ailments. According to one parishioner with diseased lungs, healing feels this way: "From the beginning to the end of the prayer mysterious force begins to expel phlegm from the lungs, causing coughing and clearing his airways."

  • Metropolitan Paul of the icon "Vsetsaritsa"
  • Metropolitan Paul of the icon "Vsetsaritsa"

Metropolitan Paul of the icon "Vsetsaritsa"

Metropolitan Paul, the governor Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, commented on the event:

"Each icon, which depicts the Blessed Virgin Mary or Jesus Christ, is miraculous. We all know the case of the appearance of the image of the Holy Face of Christ for the healing of the prince in the city of Edessa in Syria, the artist tried to draw Jesus Christ, and could not, and then Jesus took a towel and wiped his face, and left the imprint on the fabric — the image of the Holy Face of the Lord, heal the prince.

Prayer before the icon in any case do not worship idols. Miraculous Icon of the Virgin Mary is a lot of miracles, because God's grace has been and will be in all the images depicting the Virgin Mary. Our Lady spends more time on the ground than in the sky. She remains invisible to those who are suffering by helping us in sorrow and misery, taking care of us as the Mother of the Children of Heaven.

In Icons "Vsetsaritsa" there are many miracles and healings, one of them — the epiphany blinded girl. In Kiev-Pechersk Lavra is icons and relics that have nourished the Holy Spirit, and help very needy people.

I can not say how, but prayer helps a lot, I felt it myself when I was sick — Fathers prayed for me, and I felt it. The main thing that the prayer was from the heart and people really need, and pray for all in different ways: some read all the rules, someone in your own words. Church of All Venerable Fathers of the Caves called "warm" because here there is the grace of God, wrapping parishioners love, and the miracle-working icons here a lot. "

According to witnesses, standing in the temple, people can envelop the finest beneficial smell, and sometimes mirotochit icon. Lena — the most vivid example of the
many healings in the miraculous icon of the Virgin "Vsetsaritsa."

Catherine Karavayeva    

February 19, 2013  

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