In Kiev, revealed a new universal automatic grenade launcher

In Kiev, during the exhibition "Arms and Security 2013", was shown the new version of the universal automatic grenade UAG-40, created by NATO standards.

The main purpose of the grenade launcher is to defeat manpower and fire weapons in open trenches and behind natural terrain and legkobronirovanoy technology.

Maximum range of fire is 2,200 m, sighting range of defeat — 1500 m Fires from the tripod machine, or attached via the adapter on the APCs, armored SUV or boat. 

Automatic grenade UAG-40 operates on the principle of recoil free running speed. Weapon has a low weight among peers. Grenade involves the use of all types (40h53) grenades NATO standard.

The design allows the weapon to fire from unprepared positions. Thanks to the low weight calculation can quickly move the weapon to change firing position. To reduce the recoil momentum UAG-40 is equipped with a friction damper bolt and effective muzzle brake. Firing range grenade is in the range from 40 to 2200 meters. Weapons equipped with a switch fire mode that allows you to switch from single to fire bursts.

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