In Kyiv City TB Hospital number 2 earned modern X-ray machines

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Less than a month of the new features of X-ray diagnostic system "Medix" took advantage of almost 200 people. Among them — the patients and staff of the hospital institution, which must undergo regular medical check-ups. 
Before the installation of modern equipment in the X-ray room was renovated. From the local budget is spent over 78 thousand hryvnia. The unit itself was worth about 700 thousand hryvnia.
According to the director of the Department of Health Vital Mokhoreva, tuberculosis control and prevention of this dangerous disease remains an important issue. And the city is doing everything it can to the people of Kiev were maximally protected from the disease, and patients receive the most effective treatment. This contributes to the implementation of health reform, initiated by the President of Ukraine.
"In 2013 we have already bought 8 of these devices. In addition to the second tubbolnitse they work in Kiev Clinical Hospital № 3, № 9, clinic Shevchenko district number 3 and number 2 Sviatoshynskyi district as well as in the central district hospital Obolon district. Another five X-ray machines at three jobs worth more than 10 million hryvnia is set in the twelfth, seventeenth, 10th, Alexandria hospitals and clinic number 1 Desnyanskogo district of Kiev. In addition, in the 12 th hospital has the latest mobile X-ray C-arch system ", — said Vitaly Mokhorev.

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